JUST ORDERED MY 1st HERMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. hi everyone, ive been on this forum for the last month and i love hermes but its way out of my buget and ive decided to buy something small, but something i love (unlike lv when my 1st purchase was regretted) ive debated what i should get for a while now, belt vs. agenda vs. keyring vs. bracelet. I decided i adored the double kelly bracelet:love:,
    but i am a guy and i dont know if it will fit my large wrists, i rang the store last week and they told me thay couldnt have a definate date that they would have them in but it should be within a month (his exact words were "anywhere between next week to a month") well today (a week later) i rang him again and he told me, the same information, i asked if i could preorder one, he told me he would reserve me one when they do come in! he asked me what harware and color which was silver (i though they used platnium meh!) with a black maincolor so it will match everything! he took my nuber and said he would call back soon!!!!! now tha ti think baout it he didnt ask me about leathers! what if i dont like the leather he holds for me! i guess they will have more if i go instore ont hey day they arrive! I hope it comes within 2 weeks becuase my family are going to europe and i can get tax (9%) back he also told me its going to be within $460-$470 AU does anyone know if Australia charges sales tax? and how much is it? omg is so excited the only thing now id if it fits my wrist!
  2. Naughty, that's great news!!!! I'm so happy for you. On the leathers, I have these bracelets in epsom, evercalf, and chamonix. Of all of them the evercalf is the softest and will stretch fastest.
  3. thanks groupie! youve been go great and so much help on this forum you know everything about Hermes! btw do you know where i can get pics of the leathers?
  4. Luxwear's website has a brief description of the most popular leathers. But he discusses I think 6 leathers only and I know of so many more. When you go into Hermes, take a look at the leather book to give you a better idea. It's not enough to see the leathers, but also important to feel them as each leathers "behaves" differently.
  5. the sa told me that only 2 leathers wold be coming in, he told me a calf leather (im assuming thats evercalf) and a goat leather, which would that be?
  6. congrats, once you've been bitten by the Hermes bug, you know there's no cure right?:biggrin:
  7. Calf leathers: box, evercalf, togo come to mind. Goat or chevre: coromandel, jhansi, and mysore. He may not know until it comes in.
  8. yeah ive heard that over and over again!, i keep thinking i can fulfill myself after this purchase but i dont see that happening! at least i dont have any cc's (I've just turned 17 btw) so i cant go into debt ........ yet!
  9. Congats!!! This forum is sooo bad for us:lol: :biggrin:
  10. Congrats!! I love my bracelet....
  11. How fun! Please post pics when you get it I agree that the calf leather is the most supple and soft.
  12. Yaaay, Naughtymanolo! You will LOVE the bracelet and it's the perfect piece for a guy (unless you wear ties)! Get ready though....next is a wallet, then an agenda, then a pair of shoes, then..............
  13. thankd everyone im so excited, and i was concidering a tie purchase but there was just one problem i dont wear ties! i know it sound stupid to think of it but i was debating ti in my head for a week until i was like no! you 17 and you will rarely wear it iwant to enjoy my hermes escpecially my 1st purchase
  14. Hey naughty!!!

    We have a 10% sales tax here......who did you speak to? Greg or Anthony? (assuming it was the Sydney store?).......You're gonna love it!! I love all the little 'trinkets' from there - but now you're gonna be hooked for life!:smile:
  15. BTW - the price he quoted you would have included the tax (they have to do that here)......so you should get 10% of the cost back. YAY!