Just ordered Morgan Oakley Ditch in Plum

  1. :::fingers crossed:::
    I *HOPE* it's nice!
    I've been so disappointed with my deliveries lately.
    Any other fans out there?
  2. ^^

    I have the baby ditch in chocolate. The leather is super soft and the bag is really light. It is a super cute shape as well. I hope you like it. The plum looks great!!
  3. Me! Although I don't actually own one. They are lovely in person.
  4. I ordered one in teal on sale. Having never seen one in person, I do hope I like it!
  5. I hope you really like it too. My last few handbags have also been disappointing but the purse you ordered is very nice.
  6. Cute bag. Looks nice and smooshy.
  7. Yeah, I love the color, it's a good rich purple; but I have never seen one IRL either. I've sent back three of the last four I've ordered.:hrmm:
  8. I just ordered the Ditch in Electric Blue yesterday from Blue Elephant, Im so excited to see it! I REALLY wanted a purple one, but I couldnt find the purple or the plum on sale anywhere. I got this one for $207!

    RondaFaye has one, she really likes hers.
  9. Yeah, I saw that one on Blue Elephant, but I really didn't want anything other than the plum (I'm eyeballing Gustto and Minkoff for my next blue bag). If this doesn't work out, I'll turn my attentions to Foley & Corinna or CC Skye to get the purple I crave.
  10. ^^
    What is the difference between the purple and plum?
  11. How do you get on the blue elephant website?
  12. When I say purple, I am referring to the shade the manufacturer calls "plum".
    I got on the Blue Elephant website by Googling "Blue Elephant".
  13. www.shopblueelephant.com

    Unfortunately they only have the grey left now, the blue and teal have sold out. I'm still waiting on a shipping confirmation to be sure mine is even on its way!
  14. I noticed at Lisa Kline they have a listing for Purple AND for Plum - I was wondering if there was a difference as well because I definitely want to get one of the two next.
  15. REALLY???? Verrrry interesting....:confused1: