just ordered MAB in tangerine

  1. I was very surprised to see the MAB in tangerine,I thought it was only going to come in the mini:sweatdrop: when I saw the larger size avail. I had to order it right away,I'm like 5'8 so the larger size is perfect for me,I ordered from Luna boston and used code Grechen got 20% off and free shipping,I l:heart: Luna Boston,s service and the tangerine MAB is TDF I'm one happy customer:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! post pics when you get them! Im excited to see the MAB in tangerine as well!
  3. This bag looks sooo gorgeous, but alas, I have too many other bag lemmings that I cannot afford this one as well. I'm still looking for someone who is going to sell the fuschia MAM with gold crackle bottom.
  4. I LOVE IT!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I am really thinking about buying this....any enablers out there??? :p

  5. Doesn't LB have this bag? :confused1:
  6. Congrats!