Just ordered Lily!!! Yipeee!!!!

  1. I just ordered Lily in whiskey w/ PCE! My SA said that there were only 15 left at JAX so ladies, if you want one, I would run out today and do a pre-sale!! :nuts:

    She also said that she was showing Lily as being made in Clay and Citron as well as some other colors not yet seen online, but they were showing as not being available, so she wasn't sure if these were upcoming colors or if they were just showing in the system for some random reason. If Lily was available in Clay I may have ordered it instead of Whiskey…they had a couple of clay bags in my store and the color is TDF!! My SA herself is in love with that color! Now that I think of it though, I'm not sure I can picture a Clay Lily?? :confused1:

    She also told me that Leigh is coming out in clay!!! so I might just have to pick up both Gigi and Leigh in that color!! I'm not kidding I think that is the most stunning color I have seen yet! :yes:
  2. Gratz! PLEASE post 2340987249782479 photos when you get it! I never get tired of looking at this bag!
  3. Awesome!!! Congrats!!! You know the drill....PICSSS PLEEEZE!!!!!!
  4. Whiskey is my favorite colour! I second the pics request!
  5. Hi Ella!!! Ok, I'm one of the 15 that ordered Lily from Jax!!! My Mom and I were standing outside the store waiting for it to open and they had one on display that I kept hugging the whole time. Anyway I'm glad you finally ordered her and I hope that she'll be worth it. I'm still in price tag shock, I can't believe I spent that much on a bag!
  6. Yeeeaaaa!!! You got a Lily too!!!! I'm glad I went with her although that clay color is :drool:!! I'm trying to think of a way to come up with $$ for clay gigi too, but if not I know I'll be very happy with Lily!!!
  7. Hooray!! I ordered mine, too. There were only 8 left when I ordered around 2pm Dallas time. I'm so excited but am dying that I have to wait for delivery! I'm an instant gratification type to the max. I bought so much other stuff that I asked the SA not to even let me see the total :p I just signed the credit card slip and left with a smile on my face.
  8. I ordered at 11:30am EST so WOW!!!! Lots of Lily's went within a 4 hour time period!!! We'll all have to start a Lily club!!!
  9. Yep, aren't you glad I gave you all the heads up? I know there are still some in the stores but personally, I want one that hasn't been handled.

    I could have gotten an Atlantic but was 100% sure it would have been a display model and I am not paying $1200 for a handled/used bag.
  10. Congrats!!!! Looking Forward To Seeing Pics!!!!
  11. Congrats! It's such a gorgeous bag.