Just ordered everyday minerals free sample

  1. I didn't realize you could order a free sample of it....3 foundations, 1 blush/all over color and 1 concealer...not bad!

    It says its enough for 3-6 applications

    Like I've stated before, I don't like BM, Laura Mercier doesn't have a large color range but I'm not giving up on mineral make up

    Anyone try Everyday minerals?
  2. How did you get your free sample, their website? I've never tried any of the mineral makeup yet
  3. yep, their website...go to custom kits and one of them is free sample kit
  4. excellent. you're going to love it. i've been using EM for over a year and it's wonderful!
  5. I'm thinking of switching to a mineral foundation formula. I'm not giving BM a shot because I have super sensitive dry skin and read all the horrible reviews from people with this skin condition, so would most likely suffer from using it.

    I'm thinking of EM or Urban Decay. UD had really good reviews from dry-sensitive skin users, but I'm still undecided. Have you used UD before, and how does it compare with EM?
  6. ^ ^ ^
    I tried EM over the summer and found it to not stay on very well... personally I would not recommend it but everyone is different. I have recently started using bare minerals and I love it but it probably wouldn't be the best thing for you because, like you read in the reviews, it does have a dry texture. Best of luck finding something that works for you.
  7. i have tried both UD and EM, i liked the EM better. I have normal to dry skin and the EM worked out better on my skin. the UD looked cakey on me:tdown:
  8. I was going to post about this! I just ordered a free sample too, thanks so much for this post!
  9. I've been trying to pick out which foundation shades to try... anybody have recommendations for East Asian skin-tone?
  10. For those of you who are looking for mineral makeup but don't like BM or EM, I would recommend trying Cover FX. You can buy it at Nordstrom and Sephora. It's wonderful...I can't say enough about it. Definitely give it a try-- both Nordies and Sephora have really good return policies, so it doesn't hurt to give it a try. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for your advice I just ordered a sample from EM. I just realized you could buy their brushes for less than $10 if bought within a $32 custom kit - you get 6 brushes for $32 which is about $5+ each.
  12. You can email them your photo closeup, they might recommend you a couple of shades, they did mine, and I'm a mixed Asian. Their free kit allows you to select 3 shades foundation, 1 concealer, and 1 blusher which can double up as eyeshadow or lip color, and no limit to samples though 1 per order. I just ordered their recommended shade, one shade lighter (based on reviews some colors darken slightly on skin), and third shade based on the "get this look" page. Unused powder can always be blended into moisturizer to tint, or used as a spot concealer.
  13. I wish I'd thought of that. I wasn't sure what foundation colors to get, and I live in Europe and don't want to wait for the samples to arrive before ordering, so I ordered 6 different shades of foundation in a custonm kit, but I didn't think to do the same thing with the brushes :p ah well, next time ;)
  14. I've been looking at the Cover FX, but am having trouble picking a color. Any advice???
  15. I love everyday minerals foundation. I dislike BE. BE is what got me started but there are definitely better AND cheaper alternatives out there depending on skin type. Plus other brands have more skin tone matches. What BE tells you about their stuff being universal in color is complete crap though. The EDM samples definitely will last you at least a week! I'm going on a month for mine. I think I might use my minerals a bit too sparingly? Although it seems like a lot to me.

    The best in eye shadows though is definitely Aromaleigh. Such a vast color selection! I alternate foundations between EDM and AL.