just ordered edith tall satchel form bg

  1. $660 in dark chocolate.

    I searched online, but still couldn't find the size of it. Can anybody tell me it's size? TIA!
  2. If this is the same as Edith Conteen than the measurements are:
    12' wide
    5 deep
    6' handle drop
    I just got it myself. to be honest, it looked bigger in the picture on-line.... It does fit an A4 magazine.... but it's a bit heavy by itself.
  3. It does look bigger in the picture, however, I'm loving this bag, mine arrived last week, and I keep going back to it from my other bags, I change practically every day, but I'm thinking this is going to be one of my fav's. I had a meeting last night and I was able to put a bottle of water in the upright position in it. I also like the fact that I can leave the zipper unzipped and the flap snaps close on top, making it easier to get into.
    Funny how our tastes change, last year I didn't even like the Edith and now I have two, the regular Edith in Whiskey, which I had for 3 months before carrying, thinking I would return it, finally took it out and got tons of compliments and really enjoy carrying it...........and now I'm loving both these bags!! :love: You just never know!!
  4. i have mine in the storage and havent used it in months!! i guess im not too much in luv with her
  5. Congrats - post pics when you get her so we can drool