Just ordered Edith Bowler - cancel or not?

  1. Hi, I haven't really been in the Chloe section, but I've always liked their bags! I just got the Edith Bowler from NM for 664, but after reading a few other posts about it, I'm wondering if I should cancel the order.

    Does anyone have a pic of someone carrying the bowler? I'm 5'4", so will this bag be too big to carry everyday? Also, it is heavy?

    Any opinions you have on the Bowler would be really appreciated! Thanks! :yes:
  2. Hi, the bag is beautiful but it was too big for my taste. I am also 5'4" and I did not think I would get much use out of it, so I sent it back.
  3. Depends on what you want to use it for. It may be a tad to big for everyday bag but perfect for traveling or work tote.I love it personally.
  4. Thanks for your replies, and keep them coming! I'm still torn, so I think I might wait to receive it and send it back if it's too big.
  5. I would definitely wait and see!
  6. im sure you will luv it, and for that price? keep it!