Just ordered Dorset tote! So excited!!

  1. yay! I will definitely share.

    I will do. :smile: Hope I have no problems with m.com. If I like it I will coerce DH into getting me the black too when he flies from Heathrow!
  2. Thanks JAN. I was on that thread. I am not expecting Bays quality leather which although beautiful is too heavy to use for a day of shopping, travelling etc. So potentially Dorset could be perfect as a more casual bag. I am hoping the quality is similar to a couple of Radleys I owned but sold. They were lovely, practical bags, just not Mulberry! Hehe.

    If I hate it, I will just return it! I hope I love it though as the colour will match one of my favourite lipsticks.;) and I own a lot of black and White/ grey clothing since living in the UK.

  3. I love the look of burgundy with black, white or grey, it's such a subtle way of adding colour.

    Not sure that you can get away with the idea of having a bag to match your lipstick though, that's the beginning of a very slippery slope missy!:p

    *Plemont gets out her favourite Clinique Black Honey and starts colour matching on m.com*
  4. Looking forward to reveal.
  5. :roflmfao: haha! Well my fave lippy is revlon black cherry so black forest should work a treat!:p

    Need to check what matches with your black honey!

    Yay! Me too.
  6. Really looking forward to this reveal and your opinion of the bag. I am very interested in the white one for summer. The weather though and the fact that it is nearly the end of June with little sun is making me wonder if its worth it. It could be used until the middle of September, maybe a little longer. Is it worth it? If the quality is great then maybe it is because it would last for years. Could you do some very detailed photos when it arrives please Princess, I don't know when I'll get to see it in store? I'd like a thorough report on quality of leather, weight ,slouchiness etc!!! Thanks
  7. Very much looking forward to this reveal. I still haven't seen one IRL even though I have been trawling Mulberry stores in London this past week!
  8. Can't wait to see. With the weather we're having at the minute I'm already in Autumn mode... so bring on the Autumn colours :biggrin:
  9. Black forest bays is beautiful, was looking at one in M Edinburgh the other day.
  10. Really looking forward to your reveal CPrincessUK! I saw a black Dorset tote in store but there's only so much you can tell by having a quick look. I'm hoping to hear your thoughts about how it handles weight etc. :smile:
  11. Please post some pictures when your dorset tote arrives, I would love one of these in oak. Thank you.
  12. Excellent news! - so happy for you after your recent disappointment - can't wait for a viewing!!!:p
  13. I just ordered my black large Dorset today and am so excited. I think it is the perfect work tote: size, shape, and closure.
  14. I'm looking forward to this reveal!
  15. I can't wait for the reveal, I hope it's everything you're wanting ;)