Just ordered Dorset tote! So excited!!

  1. Well after my disappointment with my stained fuchsia effie satchel I have decided to order the Black Forest medium Dorset tote with my DH's blessing:p I hope I love it!!!
    I was naughty though... as he wanted me to wait until I got the refund but I am so impatient!! I loved the Bays in it too. But 5 Bayswaters is probably enough.......;)
  2. The Black Forest colour is just as delicious as its namesake

    (I mean the cake, obviously, not the actual forest itself. Although I'm sure that's lovely too)
  3. Yay I hope it turns out to be a huge positive!!! :biggrin: can't wait to see it!

    5bays.... Wow!
  4. Ooh Plemont! Have you seen it IRL? I haven't so I am hoping it is love and I am not disappointed again.
  5. hehehe! 5 is excessive isn't it! And I would still love more but I have to get other styles to use casually as I tend to use my Bays mostly for work.
  6. It's amazing!!! Which ones do you have?!?
  7. Yep, in Stratford Westfield - although I can't remember which bag I saw, I was too busy telling the Sales Assistant how much I loved the colour!

    It's a classic burgundy rather than a fashion colour, I think - which is a good thing because it won't ever date.

    It's not too dark, more of a pure colour than a dark shade of colour, but it's not so light that you would worry about marking it easily.

    I think it's a great colour CP - hope you love it too :smile:
  8. Great colour, similar to last year's Conker, you'll find it goes well with so much!
  9. Yes they do have the black forest.... I can't remember what bag it was either but looks lush!

    I was too busy reigning in my spending! Sorry! But bound to be back there in the next week... :biggrin:
  10. 5 bays?! That's not excessive, is it? Not if you use them all. Congratulations on ordering the dorset in BLACK forest :lolots:

    Hope it's great when it arrives! DH doesn't need to know that you haven't got the credit yet, it'd all happen within a matter of days hopefully ;)
  11. Oh goody goody! Can't wait to see your pics CP as this maybe a contender for me this season.
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    Hi CP dont i want to disappoint you but there was a thread on this particular tote cant remember were its gone were someone was going to buy this and changed their mind which i replied to. The handles dont look too strong to me if u want to carry a lot and the price seems to good to be true. Also the leather is not up to scratch. 5 bays is no problem for us women but men well thats another story. He he he!!!
    But saying that wait and see it irl before u decide. If not u can always send it right back hope u love it the colour is fab.
    Whats good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. Or the other way round.
    Let me know what happens. xxx
    Ive found the thread just realised you were on that particular thread so u know what ur letting yourself in for that means its ok and im sure u will love it.
  13. Please post photos and feedback when you get it....I have my eye on the black one! I like that it is lightweight.
  14. Oak, chocolate, black, eggplant and electric blue Bays.
    Oh dear! Would love to add a black forest too. Haha. But would like a more casual bag.

    Ooh that is good to hear. I love classic! :smile:
  15. Hehe!I love my oxblood but would like something a bit more burgundy.

    I love the Bays style. It just suits me. I find them too heavy to use on a more casual basis but they are wonderful for work! I will ring HOF to check up on that effie refund as they received the return yesterday.