Just ordered CL for only $298!!!

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  1. What a great deal!!! They are nice!
  2. OMG YOU ROCK! surely there was no free shipping code with those!?!

    How did you get that link? off the site it has them listed for $400 +!
  3. I think they just put up the sale SALE prices, with 33% off sale stuff!!! Yeah baby! =)
  4. I followed an old email link and I was just browsing. I really hope the order goes through! I will be crushed if it doesn't.

    I got free shipping as well. I tried an old code and it let me do it!
  5. Sweet! You are fabulous for sharing! I ordered them too! LOL For that price even if I don't like them they will be fine! :roflmfao:
  6. :graucho:
  7. Does anyone have photos of these on their feet? Im very curious!
  8. BTW, what free shipping code did you use???
  9. SUMMER or SUMMER07 I think.

    I have a few others in my email Im sure if that one doesn't work again.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I hate that they don't have my size.
  12. I want them!!!!!
    I usually wear a 39 1/2 (in my Activa pump) but I REALLY want these in black....do u think the 40.5 will be too big? lol Im dying to get them!!!
  13. the regular sale page isn't showing the additonal markdown for me...grrr!

    i put the canvas espadrille in my bag, so let's see if it lets me wait it out.
  14. :sad: the free shipping does not work