Just ordered Black Medium City from Balenciaga Boutique in NY

  1. I was just reading about the leather. I just ordered the medium city in black, and I certainly hope I do not receive that thin shiny leather. Can anyone help?? To add to my thread, somebody had said that the new leather that is coming out in the fall is thicker. What does that mean? I guess I could call Balenciaga back tomorrow.
  2. If you want the "new" thicker leather that's coming out this F/W 2006, you probably need to let Bal NY know about it. Otherwise, since they still have some black City in stock, they might send you the thin/shiny leather.
  3. the black and white are the best leathers from this season.
  4. that's what i heard too ;)
  5. Mine came from 06 and it was actually great. It had just the right amount of shine. i love it.
  6. So you like the leather??? Is it really thin though? Please do not tell me it looks like patent leather.
  7. hey ya - welcome to the PF
    if you can post up pics of your new bag it would be great... i got a b-bag black city and its the new leather BUT ive found that the more i use it the better it becomes.... :smile: it does not look like patent leather at all! a few of use PF members have b-bags... you should check out the Showcase and have a look at some of our collections!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Here is a pic. of my 06' Ink which is very close to black. Maybe this can answer some of your questions regaurding shine.
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03442.JPG
  9. It looks gorgeous to me!! You are sweet to take the time to help me. Now I want the ink instead. Dang. At any rate, Balenciaga stated that I may exchange my bag for store credit or style change within ten days. What do you think? Ink or Black? This is the first Balenciaga I will ever own, so I thought black would be the safer bet. I am calling Balenciaga today to find out whether the leather is really changing. I will let you know. Thank you again, and I LOVE your bag.
  10. I say go with the ink! You can always find black if you change your mind. I really want an ink bag too!
  11. the new leather is a bit shinier at first but i promise it's definitely not a patent look! and congrats on your bag!
  12. Black seems to be consistently nice! Congrats!
  13. I LOVE MY BLACK!! ITS SHINY AND THIN!!! my friend has the one with the older leather, i dont think it looks as good because its a bit more matte. The black actually goes better with everything. Sometimes ink clashes a bit more.
  14. ranirob, I have both ink and black. The black has wonderful leather - soft, just a tiny bit shiny, but definitely not patent-like. I will try to post comparison pics later. One thing I noticed - in dark lighting they look exactly the same! :P
  15. Thank you, and I would love to see the comparison photos. That would definitely help in deciding whether to send the black city back to the boutique for the ink color. Take care.