Just ordered at Neimans....Positano...

  1. I have a funny feeling I'll never get it though..I just LOVE this bag...But it's not on the Gucci website and it's backordered on NM's website w/ no expected delivery date...my order was accepted though...I'm more curious than anything....I doubt I'll keep it if it DOES come..17" long? That's pretty big for me....but the pic is fab[​IMG]! Anybody have it???? :heart: Emmy
  2. That bag is probably huge. My scarf tote I thought look decent in pics and when I pic it up it looked a little bigger stuffed. However when I unstuffed it, it was huge. Also, the material falls in on itself so hopefully this one can stand up on it's own.

    I'm thinking it may be time to sell my scarf tote now that I started talking about it.
  3. That bag does look huge...but gorgeous! Good luck Emmy...I hope one makes it to you!
  4. They have it at the Nieman's store in Charlotte, NC - I saw it there a few days ago. Maybe they could ship it?