Just ordered another Belen Echandia

  1. Well, I just ordered the Stroke me large in chocolate. Can't wait to post details ladies, hopefully by the weekend.

    Thanks everyone here for the feedback on this handbag, I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy it like I do my Love Me.
  2. Oh my goodness!! I asked Jackie a week ago to let me know if she was going to order any more Stroke Mes and she said she would let me know. Does this mean I can order one too??

    I'll have to think about exactly what colour I want. Lovebags2, did Jackie tell you when you can expect delivery?
  3. By the way, I meant to congratulate you on your latest acquisition before going off about myself!
  4. This goes to show, that if you want a bag and actually place an order, Jackie will find a bag for you. Perhaps if she doesn't have one in stock, she gets one from a retailer...
    Let us know how you like it. You and I have the same two bags now: black crash Love Me, and a Chocolate Stroke Me.
  5. Congrats, I have a large Stroke Me in wine but I wouldn't mind one in chocolate as well. I'd love to see pics.
  6. More bags, your cute! Believe me, I totally understand.

    No Jackie, didn't have anymore in stock. But, she mention if you email her with your preferences, she would do her best to order your preference.

    I found mine by calling retailers and was able to locate the last one. This was just part my persistence and sheer luck. Patience isn't my strongsuit, so when Jackie told me that she didn't have any Stroke Me's left, I just got right on the phone and called everyone to check.

    I think she might be ordering more Stroke Me's in wine, is that the color your looking for?

    Tropical Gal, yes, I will definetely post my review once I get it. I know, we have the same handbags. Lots to chat about.....

    I am loving my "love me" even more everyday. It's getting softer, and the weight doesn't seem to bother me anymore. I guess, I just got used to it? Although, Jackie did mention that more you wear it and it slouches, the less weight will be an issue with this bag.....
  7. Lovebags2, where did you end up buying from? . . .i've found it difficult to find retailers that sell belen echandia.
  8. It was her showroom in NYC, the number I think is listed on the card you receive in your handbag. I don't think they have anymore, I got the last one that was leftover from her Trunk sale a few months ago. But, it doesn't won't hurt to try and give them a call.

    I"m looking forward to her next trunk sale in New York. I'll have to find out the date. Maybe we could all meet there?

    Well, I'm off ladies, for vacation. I'll post more next week.
  9. Vacation? Where are you going??? Fun!!!
  10. She has a NYC showroom really. Oh wow that could be the end of me.
  11. She has her trunk shows at Henri Bendel if that helps! :angel:
  12. Does anyone know if Henri Bendel still has any BE bags? I'll be in NYC this weekend and would be tempted to drop by if they do.
  13. Darn it! I thought Jackie was ordering more and I could get in on the action. I didn't think about ringing retailers, that is a trick I'm going to have to keep in mind.

    Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait until she orders more. I'm thinking purple...
  14. If you're patient there's supposed to be a three day sale in January (Keeps fingers crossed...) :rolleyes:
  15. More bags, I just spoke with Jackie and she informed me that she'd be happy to order Stroke Me's for our purse forum if we can get a couple orders. I know you were interested when I purchased my chocolate last week.

    Let me know if you still are, I"m leaning toward the Large Petrol myself (the chocolate was too matte) but can certainly be persuaded into the wine too.

    If your interested in the Petrol, I think another poster on the forum is too and then I can contact Jackie or you can. She'll place the order immediately.

    I know the SM is completely sold out at the moment and Jackie mentioned she's not ordering anymore unless our group gets a couple orders. Wish us luck!