just ordered a sophia!

  1. wooo hooo...dawn, you're the best - just called & had them ship one of those maroon sophias to me! at that price, i just couldn't stop myself!

    can't wait! :yahoo:

    hmm, you guys are kind of a bad influence :love:
  2. congrats! You got to use the coupon, right? What a fabulous price for a fabulous bag!! I love that color, I have one myself.. can never get enough of purple/maroon.
  3. That's great! I saw a Maroon Sophia at a Last Call a few months ago and thought it was beautiful. Awesome choice! Be sure to post pics when you get it.:yes:
  4. yep, i got the 30% off...i literally couldn't stop myself at that price :smile:

    luvpurses, i'm so jealous that you have a 'last call' near you! i love them so much more than off 5th!
  5. ^ Congrats! You got a great deal on this classic bag, Maroon is a very beautiful & rich color. I'm so happy for all of you. Thithi & Luvpurses are 2 of the top deal hunters! LOL.
  6. Awesome!!! YAY!

  7. dawn thanks for the tip. i also ordered the maroon sophia today.:yahoo:
  8. Congrats..Post pics!
  9. What a great deal!!:nuts:
    I think that maroon is one of the best colours MJ has ever produced!
    Congrats and post pictures when you get it!!!
  10. That is so awesome!
  11. yay, we're bag twins :smile: i hope you worked with someone fabulous at off 5th...i talked to nancy, and she was just amazing. love her!

  12. I talked to nancy also and she did mention that it was weird that she was shipping another sophia to california. i think that both bags were sent out on monday. she was really amazing and sweet! love her too. can't wait to get it. :lol::lol: bag twins!!!
  13. haha! tPF strikes again! she probably wondered what in the world was going on out here :smile: