Just ordered a Royal MAC, but scared to use it!

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  1. :yucky:On a whim, I ordered a Royal MAC the other day (been on the prowl for one, and finally made the plunge). My plan is to use it as my 'going out' bag on my vaca to VEGAS in March. However, now that I think more about it, I am worried about taking it into bars/casinos that will seemingly be filled with cigarette smoke (unless there has been a smoking ban placed in the state of Nevada that I don't know about). I know this sounds ridiculous, but I just don't want to risk my new MAC stinking like a cigarette butt. Are there ways to remove odors if this does happen?
  2. Oh, I have never thought about that. I am lucky enough to live in a college town that has a smoking ban indoors. When I do happen to travel and go out, it's always a shock to me to smell smoke. :sick:

    I don't know how to get the smell out but I'm interested to know.
  3. I am pretty sure if you put a box of baking soda (like one of the fridge kinds) and tie it in a garbage bag for a few days it would take the smell out
  4. I have never used them but I have heard about it time & again on Bal forum. You might want to buy them to try? LMB's Bag Candies,

  5. I would try the baking soda packet to put in your purse. Also, you can get lavender potpourri packets to place in your MAC.
  6. I brought my eggshell MAC to Las Vegas about a year ago, and it was fine! People definitely do smoke indoors, but it's not so pervasive that it would never come out of your bag. You smell it walking in and out of the different casinos and such, but the all the buildings are so large that it dissipates pretty quickly. I would really only be worried if you're maybe staying in a room with someone that smokes or plan to spend the whole time at those tinier, older casinos.
  7. I brought my MAM to Vegas this past Christmas and I don't think it smelled of anything afterwards. I think the odours in my clothes overpowered that completely :yucky:

    I'm only ever just concerned about bringing it out and having drinks spilt all over.
  8. Do the baking soda trick! It definitely has worked to remove perfumey smells from my Bal!
  9. I am going to Vegas next week with my new MAM in Stormy Grey that came today! I am sure your bag will be fine!
  10. Officially in Las Vegas, people can only smoke in casinos and gaming spots that do not serve food. They cannot smoke in hotel lobbies, any place that food is served, malls, hallways, etc.

    Usually it is up to the place of business to enforce this, but it was voted into law. I find that the new(er) hotel/casinos have better ventilation and I don't leave smelling like stale cigarettes. HTH! Have fun!
  11. Thanks gals! I appreciate the feedback!
  12. I brought a Botkier Trigger with me to Vegas once, and it was fine. I was definitely able to smell the smoke on my clothing, but not the bag. If it does end up smelling, I'd also try baking soda.
  13. Baking soda!
  14. Use it!! I doubt it will end up smelling smokey, but even if it does, there are ways to get the odor out. Have a great trip!
  15. I once brought my Chanel jumbo to a bar and I came home smelling like an ashtray! and my poor jumbo smelled horrible! but my dad said to just let it air out in an airconditioned room overnight, and it totally worked! no ciggie smell whatsoever the next morning!

    I'd be more worried about people spilling something on your MAC but if you spray that baby up, you should be fine! Did you get the royal or bright royal?