Just ordered a PRADA!!

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  1. I just ordered my second prada bag. The picture is in red but I got mine in black. It was on sale on NM website and I thought why not...Price is good, size is good and I do need a plain black purse. But it's backordered so I'm crossing my fingers that I would get it b/c last time I ordered a Kate spade on NM website it was backordered but then it was cancelled due to high demand. Please please pray for me so I can get this bag by Sept.1. They said it'll be shipped by then and I would be real sad if I don't get to have this.

  2. Cute bag! Hope you get it soon!
  3. I hope you'll get your bag! Fingers crossed!!
  4. very cute bag, hope you get it very soon!
  5. I have this bag in black!! I LOVE IT!!!!
  6. V cute - hope it arrives soon!
  7. that is a cute hobo!