Just ordered a London Tote on BEC!

  1. I saw the London Tote pop up on BEC today and decided to order one! I chose Shimmer Chestnut leather and dark blue lining. Since the got is such a structured style I am hoping the soft leather will un-structure it a little and balance out. I would love to see pics if anyone already has this style!!
  2. Can't wait to see yours, llc! Chestnut is lovely!
  3. Ha ha - I mean ¨bag¨, not ¨got¨! :smile:
  4. Oh, that sounds really lovely! I am very intrigued by this leather. I think it could really work for me. Will be looking forward to your reveal.
  5. Sounds like a good choice! The bag will 'change' for sure with this soft leather .
  6. Chestnut sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see your pics when she's ready!
  7. Sounds divine. Can't wait to see pix of that style in chestnut.