Just ordered a Cabas Piano from let-trade!

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  1. Congrats!!
  2. congratz! it's such an useful bag, plz post pic for us when it arrive!!!
  3. I definitely will. Thanks!
  4. I saw that, it's a good buy. Congrats!
  5. Thanks for the reassurance. I'm feeling all jittery. My only other LV is a pochette, so this was a huge purchase for me. :smile:
  6. congrats! it is a nice classic tote bag!
  7. Yay congrats!
  8. Congrats to you!
  9. Congrats! I was looking at that and it seemed to be in pretty good condition :biggrin:
  10. congrats!! great condition!
  11. Good for you! Post pics when you receive her!
  12. Yay! Love this bag...congrats!
  13. Congrat's on a great bag.
  14. Congrats! Very classic.