Just ordered a Burberry Bag!

  1. Burberry got a few new bags in...I fell in love with this and just ordered!!!

    Its got a zip top which is nice as alot of there totes do not.
    What do you guys think?

  2. Selena, I like it! Very nice choice, congrats. =)
  3. Thanks! I know Burberry isnt very big on the forum but I have always wanted one (it seems like such a hearty bag) and this style spoke to me! Hopefully I will love it when it comes in!! :smile:
    I will post pics.
  4. I always like Burberry too, I've been looking for one.
    Hope you will like it, looking forward to see your pictures. =) You take wonderful pictures, I'm sure i'll be influenced & get one after you. =)

  5. Ha Ha I used to take the WORST pictures on the PF then I learned how to use my camera! LOL
    I know what you mean about seeing other peoples pictures. I have totally been influenced by others collections!
  6. I love the shape and the gunmetal hardware!
  7. OH! I love it, I didnt even know Burberry put up new bags. Cant wait to see pictures Sel.
  8. Really nice bag hun! let's see it on you when you get it! Congrats!
  9. really pretty bag.. gosh Selena, u r on a shopping spree.....enjoy
  10. bluxcape..actually I havent been to bad. I have selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay..so I am kind of self funding?! LOL
    Its my first Burberry however. I am excited. I really wanted one my mom thinks i am nuts. She says they are ugly! :sad:
  11. I like it! I can't wait to see some pictures of it.
  12. Congrats.
  13. Congrats, I think that bag is very nice. Looks really functional. I actually like the same style but in the small tote
  14. burberrys newest bags from their trunk collection or whatever its called is gorgeous, the mansion bags and all. im not a huge fan of the tote, but you cant hate its classicness. perfect excuse to jet away to london and fit the part!
  15. I love it! I've always liked Burberry -- very classic.