Just ordered a brown Matelasse from Bluefly!

  1. :nuts: I've been dying for this bag.. I was looking for Black but Brown will make me happy too! I remember when these were on Bluefly a few weeks back. Even had one in my shopping cart for a bit but I was so afraid of getting a fake, I turned it loose. I remember reading that some PF'ers got one(?) & they ended up being authentic. This morning, while checking out the Balenciaga "hook" bags on Bluefly (in case any of you are interested:graucho: ) this padded one pops up. I thought, what the heck, I'll get my money back if not. And you bet I'll have my fellow PF experts check it out for me;)

    BTW, Just curious, did someone here return this?

    Anyway, with my coupon & ******, it came to $1100. I guess that's a good deal (I don't know exactly what it retails for:shame: ) but it's the "small" one- 12" wide it stated.

    Also, did you know that Bluefly is now attaching security tags to their bags? I guess they are at least making an effort to not get a bait & switch...
  2. Congrats! I love my Matelasse too! Welcome to the club.
  3. Congrats! I bought one from Bluefly a few weeks ago and still have it so it's not my return. :smile: I bought two actually, the large black (still haven't returned it but it's definitely going back) and the medium brown. The brown one came with a tag but the black one did not. They're just a flimsy paper tag and it seems like someone could carefully detach and reattach if they wanted. Anyway, congrats!
  4. ^ Cool, thanks! I'm very excited. This is my first B-bag in awhile. (although I'm feeling the gears revving up, that's trouble!;) )
  5. aaaaah! you beat me! I was ready to put it in my cart and *poof* it was gone! good for you! actually i'm really looking for the small black, so you did me a favor in buying it. I like the brown, but I don't think i would have totally been happy with it since black is my first choice. enjoy your new bag!
  6. LOL, Oh, sorry! It's funny how many of us PF'er are scouring at the same time:smile:
  7. Congraulations.
  8. I'm glad a PF friend snapped it up! honestly, I probably would have ended up returning it, so it all worked out for the best. it's a beaaaautiful bag- I just don't need her in brown. I'm glad this found a good home!
  9. Arrrgggghhhh :cursing: ... so, [yet again] I look at Bluefly to see if there's anything, and spotted the Rouge Vif X2 Boston bag. I click the "Shopping Bag" button thinking that I FINALLY actually 'scored' it ... and then when I look at my Shopping Bag, it says the bag's NOT AVAILABLE :push: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay ... who's the culprit?!?! :wtf:
  10. Oh CeeJay, I was SO CLOSE to getting the red one too. Actually, all 3 of those Boston bags have been on there since yesterday. I was surprised they lasted that long. Keep checking, hopefully someone will release it~:smile:
  11. What I REALLY want, is the LARGE Marron Glace Matelasse (as you can see, I have the smaller size Black one). I'm NEVER lucky on Bluefly ... even though (as of late), I could log on at 3am since I seem to be waking up at that time!
  12. Wow, congrats! I love that bag.

    BTW, you did get a good price. I almost bought the small black one at NM a few months ago and I belive it was retailing for about $1900 (which is why I passed it up and got my greige twiggy instead)
  13. Whoa ... get out ... "Needless Markups" was charging $1900 for the SMALL Matelasse? :push:

    I purchased my SMALL Black Matelasse at Barneys, and it was $1795; the LARGE-size (which should really be called the MEDIUM because ... believe it or not ... there is a WEEKENDER size although the style is a little different) should retail at $1995.
  14. Hmmm...maybe those were the prices at NM too...I could be wrong...it was a while ago. I just know it was out of my price range and A LOT more expensive than the twiggy, so acegirl got an excellent deal for $1100.

    I might have come up the $1900 after figuring in the tax

    Yup, I just did the math, $1795 plus 6% sales tax is a hair over $1900 - that must be why I remember that figure
  15. Yeah, I don't think NM marks bags up any higher than retail. I believe that size is $1795(ish) at NM.