Just ordered 2 Rebecca Minkoff's- Can't Wait!

  1. I'm so excited! I just ordered two Rebecca Minkiff's. I got the Nikki Hogo in Espresso and the MAM in Eggplant. Now I just have to pick one, which will be hard. What's the difference detween the eggplant nad the glazed espresso. They look the same to me. I just saw that one and I'm liking it!
    18410-viewsize300-front.jpg AAAAApQA5wUAAAAAALHwuw.jpg rebecca_minkoff_morning_after_mini_glazed_espresso6.jpg
  2. Hi ErinB510, congrats! :biggrin: RM rocks! I have never seen the eggplant IRL, but here is a pic of my Glazed Espresso Matinee. If it has the same leather, this pic is very true to life. Hope that helps!

  3. Why pick one? You need 'em both!
  4. I have the reg Nikki + MAB and love em both :heart:
  5. I've only seen the RM eggplant color once, it was not purply but wasn't straight brown - had a tiny bit of red/burgundy to it. Post pics when you ge them and I'm sure we can all help you decide - that is, if you really do have to choose only one!
  6. I have never seen the eggplant IRL, but I did own the Glazed Espresso Nikki. The espresso is such a beautiful color IMO. Let us know what you decide : )
  7. Congrats! How exciting!
  8. Great choices...pls post IRL pics when you get them...I am trying to decide between the same colors!
  9. i just had them both in my house...well, actually 3 of them...the mam, the nikki and the matinee and decided on the mam..although the slouch on the nikki is amazing!