just order my Night Elisha shoulder strap from RM website..

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  1. I just ordered my Elisha shoulder strap from the website. Does anyone know how long it will take for me to receive the strap?

  2. I ordered one more than 3 weeks ago, they intially say it takes 2 weeks, but in my case there were some production delays.
  3. Thanks Samia..

    It takes longer than I was hoping for...
    But got to live with the reality...
  4. I mentioned on the other post how long it took, but I'll reply here as well. I ordered mine on 03/19 and it arrived yesterday, I am in NY so it may be quicker by geographical location. You ladies that ordered 3 weeks already, expect it to arrive soon.

    Also, I didn't get a notification on shipping, my UPS guy just showed up with it.
  5. ^^ I think there are straight away dispatched from the factory , I emailed Catalina again today and this was her answer:

    Hello Samia,
    I am copying the production dptm. on this email and I will let you know today what I hear from them. It most likely went out.
  6. did they just add this strap? Now I might have to buy a night with crackle bottom.