Just one???

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  1. Can you imagine owning just ONE B bag??? Sometimes I wonder if life would be much simplier you could only own one. :nuts:
  2. Judie, are you looking for MORE bags?:p I thought you were done for a while. I totally know how you feel because I am so tempted right now but I need to be saving for Fall.
  3. LOL! I am NOT looking for any more bags. Well, I am still looking for magenta :yes: But I'm actually feeling patient about it b/c I want to really enjoy my current bags.

    Also, today I found a super cute pony hair makeup clutch that was on sale. I paid about $240. Not sure if I am keeping it or not but the price was too good to pass up. But it is super cute!
  4. gosh. umm. I think NO. Not with this many colors at hand... simpler maybe but nowhere near as fun. I wonder what I would choose - maybe a black or cafe day....
  5. I wish too that I could only do a few bags. Just when I think I'm going to scale down, I start buying more. I can't resist the colors!
  6. Couldn't even contemplate it:tdown:
  7. wish i could have just one, but there's too many out there that i STILL WANT!

    i don't think you could really own just one of anything, except maybe a car or house. i mean, can you see living your life with just one pair of jeans or one pair of black shoes????

    i could possibly live with just one b-bag, but only if it were an RT DAY :p
  8. Nicole, the funny thing is, while yes, I do have a few pairs of jeans, I tend to wear the same pair over and over and over :confused1:

    I'm starting to get to the point where I am feeling sick over how many B bags I have acquired in only a few short months :sad: Plus, I am really loving my new messenger and I feel guilty for not using my other B bags.
  9. i agree. after i read what i posted, i thought it sounded kind of gluttonous, like how many pairs of jeans can one possibley need??

    unfortunately for me, i have more than a dozen jeans and yet i still can't find a pair that is perfect! my local goodwill really loves me, that's for sure!

    i admit that while i do have a "few" b-bags, i still use one over and over - that trusty black day!
  10. Nicole, oh goodness, I hope you don't feel bad about your post on the jeans. It's funny, after I posted, I realized- well, you do need a few different pairs :tup: Now that the weather is getting warmer, I wear my jean capris. During the colder months, I wear my skinny Joe Jeans or skinny black jeans. On a side note, I have had my jeans altered in order to make them "perfect."
  11. I have had approx 15 bbags come and go. Right now I only have one and I am VERY happy about it. The extra money from selling the others funded all kinds of great things for me and my family. And I am truly, truly happy with my blueberry first.

    Now...if I were wealthy and money were not a problem at all...I'd own every color, every size, every accessory. I would also own lots of vacation homes around the world, and have real diamonds on my cell phone. And on my butler's cell phone. Ha ha!
  12. I do only own just one right now - finances are limiting for my obsession - but I absolutely adore it (rh anthra city)! I do completely understand the lusting after more bags though! If I were rich, I would definitely have tons of bbag!

    I was, however, lucky enough to have an unexpected monetary gift land in my lap for my 35th bday this past Friday, so I was able to order a grape first! So while it will be a small "collection" I will eventually be able to say I own bbags, not just bbag! LOL!
  13. I think 1-3 bbags is a good number. I think anymore than that [for me, at least] is excessive & I wouldn't use half of them.
  14. I WISH!
    I mentally try to pare them down, but I just can't quite do it. I keep coming up with some justification to keep them ... color/style/winter/summer. There are just too many options - a reason to have more than one.
  15. I think that being happy with just 1 would be so Zen! But for now, I'm enjoying the whole collecting/trading/selling process. However eventually, I'll get it all "out of my system" and will one day be ready to liquidate my collection, except for 1 or 2 of the most sentimental bags.