Just one more bag

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  1. Have you ever said this to yourself and mean it and then ran out the same week and purchased another bag, fob, or accessory? I am seriously starting to think I have a problem now and think it's time to start an intervention of not visiting coach for a few weeks. I just got a new bag this week( black patent peyton) and swore off buying another. Yet I was up in the outlet again and bought another bag/ wristlet this afternoon. I am not in debt or anything over these purchases but it's comical to try to justify purchases in your mind so that it becomes okay.
  2. :graucho:any pics?
  3. I say it all the time, I am compulsed to shop, and when it's on sale, look out!

  4. I'm working on it. It's a patent spotlight in red:biggrin:
  5. All the time! Right now though, I have too many bags that I don't use, so I am sticking to my resolution of no more bags (Gigi is my one exception). I really think I'll be successful too, because I just don't have the storage room and the lack of space is slowly driving me bonkers!:weird:
  6. :nuts: Ah, yes sure have, just today,lol....Only because I won $$$$ on a scratch ticket..But I shared, I bought my DF one as well, does that count? I Cannot afford to do this on a regular basis and I'm not embarassed to say it either.I Love what Coach I have and I more than likely will have to send a couple on their way...Oh well, I'm learning by what you guy's and girl's do on here..Buy one get rid of one,lol...I don't use a 2 of my older bags and my girl's don't care for them either...So needless to say I'am Done for awhile...I can deal with it because I don't usually buy too much any ways because of only 1 income right now..It just makes me adore the bags and Accessorie's that I have in my Collection...I 'am sooo Content, especially since I didn't let the (1) get away....;)
  7. i say that to myself all the time... "just one more bag" and the minute i see something new i m running out the door... lol. yes, i do have a problem lol. so my resolution is to sell all older bags i no longer use and keep only a few "must haves"... and yes, i bought another "last bag" just uesterday pff the bay... but in my defense- she ended up costing me the same amount as at the outlet, so not a fp bag *where is that angelic looking smiley?!*
  8. Every single day of my life....for serious.

    Whenever I buy a purse or whatever I feel this instant "I'm happy, I'm satisfied, life is good and now I'm done"...but without fail, I'll wake up the next day when the newness has worn off, and I'll just "browse" I'm never "hunting" or anything, but I'm curious if anything new popped up ... eBay, Bonanzle, Coach--website, Coach--outlet ... and (insert shock and awe here) I find something else I absolutely need.

    Coach is a slippery slope. It's dangerous. And to be perfectly frank, I've come to the realization that there will never be a gag-reflex when it comes to my want, need and desire. It will always be all or nothing, like any other addiction. At the end of the day, so long as you can afford it--and it's not pinching you in other places--then there is no harm/no foul...people are encouraged to have hobbies, interests and activities, so if Coach is yours (and mine) so be it. Enjoy!!
  9. :tup: thus my PF name:nuts::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. OMG! you took the words right outta my mouth! LOL!
  11. Guilty, as charged!

    I've gotten 3 new bags in the past 2 weeks...Red Zoe, Black Claire, and Jade Hailey. Now on the search for a Mahogany bag in Op Art.

    I justify my search because recently I got rid of 3 of my 4 Coach bags, leaving me with just one-the XL Ergo Tote in Vachetta (could never let it go).

    So now I need a dark brown bag. None of my new bags have gold HW. I feel odd using a bag with silver HW and needing to wear gold jewelry, like when I wear browns or beiges. And since I have so much leather, I thought I'd consider my first signature piece. Already have the mini to go with it, lol
  12. OMG. How cute:biggrin:
  13. Too Funny!!!!

    This is me!!!!!( I try to ban myself from buying another thing but it isn't working so far!! LOL) I go to my outlet every week!!! I also visit my Nordstrom every week as well!!! (I used to go at least 2 to 3 times a week to Nordstrom to check out the Coach!! ) I am a very compulsive Shopper!!!! I am always talking about Coach too!!!! One of my favorite SAs at Nordstrom asked how many times I go to my Coach outlet. I told him once a week!!! He thought I went at least 3 to 4 times a week!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I remember telling my husband..I want 4 bags, one for each season...HA! that all went out the window when poppy came out! hubby is an enabler though, he always tells me I need to get a new bag, so he can feel ok with buying a new X-box game..
  15. I think that alot of this goes with this time of year, first we have to get a bag for x-mas. It's then not so long before income tax return time comes around and/or spending the Coach gift cards we acquired during the holidays. OK, now the major shopping time of year is over we're all OK...but wait isn't that day of the year when us women are to be showered in gifts coming UP?? What's it...Valentines Day?! I'll need another bag for V-Day thank you very much!!!

    PLUS all those women who got the new bags are selling thier less treasured bags and the ebay/bonanzle sales are SOOO GOOOD!!!!

    It never ends, there's always a ryhme and a reason. I try not to "justify" and fool myself (or hubby for that matter) anymore!!!! LMAO