Just one Birkin and Kelly: Which colors would you choose?

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  1. My DH has come a long way over the last year. When I first expressed an interest in Hermes he told me, "There's no way you're spending that much money on a purse!" He's since changed his mind and has agreed to one Birkin and one Kelly, which I am completely ecstatic about! :yahoo:

    Since I will probably never own more than one of each at a time (I would have sell one in order to acquire a new one), which colors should I choose? My wardrobe is pretty classic and conservative so I'm thinking the Birkin should be a basic color such as black or something from the brown family. The Kelly would be more of a special occasion bag so I could get a brighter color like red or a shade of blue. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!!
  2. black birkin or gold birkin
    black, etoupe, gold or parchemin kelly is my personal choice because i don't do red (not yet anyway) but if you love bright colours and you love red, that would be perfect for a kelly
  3. Thanks, Loves! I was thinking gold would be a good choice for the Birkin.
  4. ebene birkin and gold kelly :smile:
  5. If you wera black clothing , one black bag is probabely a Must !

    Second bag could be Bright red or Etoupe.

    I would do : A black box Kelly 32 and a Rouge Garance or Etoupe Birkin 35. That would be a very BASIC choice,
  6. Ebene, Chocolate, Marron Fonce or Cafe birkin and Rouge Garrance Kelly?
  7. Black + gold or etoupe (if you prefer neutral colours)
    Black + RG or orange (if you would like a brighter colour)

    But it is all about what YOU like- get the bags that make your heart sing!
  8. Hair-mess, perlerare, IFFAH, and kashmira: Thanks so much for your suggestions, I appreciate it!
  9. something from the brown family (light medium brwn like tabac camel or gold) and some shade of red!
    both shades go with everything much more than any black would do!

    if you really wear more than 60% black than one can think about a black bag (instead of ay brown shade)!
  10. if i am being given this choice, i will choose;
    1 birkin 35 in fjord or chevre in black with gold hw (in reality i really do hv black birkin ghw, ardennes leather exactly e same spec as rachel zoe's)

    1 kelly in red, preferably a bright one, size 32 in togo or clemence or any leather u like (in reality i have 6 kellys hihihi i know but i must say i am a fan!)

    let us knowww what you think ok =) n let us knw the trick how to change your hubby's mind heuheuehueheu =) goodluccck!
  11. I would go for a black box Kelly with gold hardware and a Birkin from the brown family. Those colors would be good with anything in anybody's wardrobe.
  12. Black Birkin PHW
    Gold Kelly GHW
  13. Etoupe Birkin PHW
    Orange Kelly PHW (This may be a little far out, but looks amazing with classic clothing :woohoo:)
  14. Black / Gold / Etoupe / RG / Havanne birkin GHW or PHW

    Black Kelly GHW or PHW
  15. black birkin in togo with phw (unless you always wear gold jewelry- then ghw) either 35 if you carry a lot and want a true tote or 30 if you don't carry too much and are petite and like a smaller bag.

    if you love red..many possibilities; rouge hermes (burgundy wine type of color), rouge garrance, vermillion (bright true red lipstickish color), rouge vif (also bright) kelly in a
    32 (midish) size, unless you can do a 28, which can be a bit small. i would try to get some sort of chevre, the color pops on this skin and it has a gleam of sorts. i differ in that i would not do box leather as i am not crazy about how it wears/patinates. also take a look at sellier vs. retourne styles. do you want more of a slouchy kelly or a rigid classic boxy shape?

    you should spend a lot of time reviewing the reference section with respect to colors and leathers so you can isolate your favorites and be fully informed about wearability issues. take a look at all the photos members have posted of their bags-that alone is an invaluable resource! you will have these bags forever...take your time and find the perfect ones for you. have fun!!