Just one bag...

  1. I see many of you have many great bags. If something were to happen and you could only keep one of your bags, which one would you keep?

    I'd keep my Gucci cluth my grandmother gave me shortly before she died. It has a lot of meaning to me.
  2. ooh this is hard! I guess I'd keep my black Ferragamo marisa.
  3. My Chanel "Kelly" bag in black caviar leather. If I had a real (i.e. Hermes) Kelly bag, that would be the one.
  4. I wouldn't keep any, so that would give me an excuse to buy new ones that I want.;)
  5. My Givenchy messenger bag. I've never seen another like it.
  6. I would actually keep the cheapest bag I own. Which is the lips purse I bought from a shoe store in Canada called ALDO for just 30 bucks. This bag has been with me through thick and thin and has collected many memories along the way. It will always be my favourite bag, or at least ONE of my favourite bags.
  7. Probably my LV Speedy 30 because it's the most versatile and the bag I use the most often.
  8. I would say the Coach tote my parents bought me to take to all my chemo treatments. I don't use it much anymore but can't get rid of it because it has such a significant meaning to me.
  9. I would also say my Speedy
  10. uh...oh... hard one...
    really hard... cant decide...:wondering
  11. My LV Black epi speedy...it goes with everything
  12. rebecca minkoff tote because lord knows i carry a lot of crap... especially if i only had one bag to put it all in!
  13. My Aquamarine GH Part Time Balenciaga Bag. I love that baby! :smile:
  14. i say my LV Speedy!
  15. This one really makes you think....:confused1:


    Black Cynthia Rowley tote: beautiful leather, not too big or too small, & for some reason, despite it being pretty simple I LOVE IT!

    LV Petit Bucket: "First Love", bought with my own $$, many great memories (ah, the days before fakes!)

    LV Monogram Pochette: Just great memories, although not practical AT ALL!!

    I guess after seeing them in black & white, I would choose the Bucket bag. No matter how broke I get or which bag I want, I can't part with it!