Just now getting the all time classic Bal..

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  1. I have a nice collection of Bal bags (not huge, but 5 I think?) but none of them are black. I was really wanting GGH anthra while I could get it but now all of a sudden I'm wanting a black RH City... What should I do? This season's black is pretty much my HG so I know I'd be happy with it. The anthra on the other hand, ISN'T my favorite as I prefer a more dark, true grey anthra... So should I just stick to old faithful and get my long awaited black City with RH? Or get a GGH bag while I still can?
  2. I would get the black rh if you really want the classic.
  3. Black RH city for sure. 2010 black is jet black and the leather is to die for.
  4. Get a 2010 Black City -- the leather texture and color saturation is so good this year!
  5. Agree with others. Definitely go for the 2010 Black RH City. Many would agree this year's black leather is very close to 05.
  6. get the rh, it's such a classic to go bag
  7. Thank you!!! You've all been so helpful. That's what my gut was telling me and I just needed that little extra push! Time to go shopping!
  8. Black RH like other have said and I agree 2010 is amazing. I have an 09 RH Black but would die for a 2010 Have fun shopping!!
  9. Sorry for posting here but I just got a 2009 Black RH City from bergdorfs. Not sure if I should keep mine though. Having second thoughts because I bought her at retail price plus NY tax. Do you think its worth keeping? Its my first RH bag.
  10. I'm really intrigued by this 2010 leather on black bags! I've never had the opportunity to see one IRL but is it really that much 'blacker'?
    I purchased a 2009 S/S black GSH city in June this year and did debate long and hard about whether to keep it as lots of people were saying how 'black' the 2010 was. But I did compare it with just about every item of clothing/shoes/general black thing that I owned and it just seemed as black as black can get. Surely even the 2010 leather looks a little less black than black in certain lighting?!
    I'm just wondered if anyone owns both a 2009 S/S and a 2010 black so I can see the difference? Thanks!
  11. black rh is the way to go !!!

    Bal BLack leather have been criticized, analyzed, photographed, compared, dissected , you name it.... and when the bal forum says that 2010 is good, then it must be good.

    had 2004 and 2006 black bal ... sold the 2006 one as it started having a tad of green sheen with sun exposure...