Just noticed cracked/missing glazing on 2 LV items purchased on the same day :/

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  1. I just noticed that two items that I purchased on the same day in March, 2015 appear to have glazing defects. My beloved pochette metis has what seems to be the start of the infamous cracked glazing problem, while my husband's DC slender wallet has an area where the glazing is completely missing (which has caused the canvas to start fraying). Also, the wallet's foil "made in" heatstamp has also completely rubbed off (even though my husband's foil heatstamped initials are still intact). What are the odds that LV will repair both items for free? Am I out of luck since it has been slightly over a year?
  2. PM glazing

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  3. Definitely bring them in, I think it's still possible to get a free reglazing. Good luck!
  4. Slender wallet glazing

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  5. Slender wallet heatstamp (the silver foil has rubbed off--only the imprint remains)

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  6. Thank you, fabuleux! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out!
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    Are you sure there was silver foil?? This is very weird for a one year old item!!! Definitely bizarre that all of it would rub off so evenly!! Many wallets only have the imprint with no foil at all.

    EDIT: on the EU website, the Slender wallet in DC is shown with imprint only (no foil).
  8. It's possible that I'm mistaken about the foil--I thought I had his initials heatstamped with silver foil to match the "made in" heatstamp. But I could definitely be wrong about that!
  9. Fabuleux, in your experience, does the missing glazing on the wallet seem like normal wear & tear for one year of daily use? I don't think my husband babies his wallet, but he's not careless with it either. If I end up having to buy him a different LV wallet, what style would you recommend in terms of durability?
  10. Glazing does rub off over time (as we know on TPF!) and men's wallets used in pockets tend to 'age' faster indeed.

    If this wallet is in good shape, just have it reglazed. As far as a new wallet, I would stick to canvas as they are much more durable than leather if he carries it in his back pocket. Some new styles like the Zippy Vertical have almost no glazing but it's probably too big for your husband.

    PS: it looks like the problem on your PM is not so much the glazing but rather the two parts of the bag that come together on that spot that are slightly lifting apart, which caused the glazing crack. That's definitely something you want your SA to look at and you should present it in those terms.
  11. I think you're right about the foil--my mistake!
  12. I do think it's a bit premature for the wallet - personally I would expect that around the two-year mark. See the rest of my answer above ^
  13. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate your advice!
  14. Also, post in the PM Club House for more advice and help from PM owners.
  15. Will do--thanks, Fabuleux!