Just notice something about my paddy handles...

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  1. Hi all,
    I have recently started the hunt for a new paddy on e-bay so I have been comparing them to my paddy to check on authenticity. I just noticed that the leather wraps on my handles are different sizes...there is a quarter inch difference. Is this a defect in my bag or are your leather wraps not exactly the same? I know it is not a big deal and I didn't notice it for the year I carried it but was surprised that they were not exact. This is my only paddy and I guess I am used to LV and Chanel being so precise.
  2. My paddy is the same as yours - the leather wraps are slightly different lengths. Gotta love Chloe - anything but precise!!
  3. Mine are the same way. If it bothers you take the slightly shorter one and gently "smooth" it out bit by bit. There is enough elasticity to the leather to do that w/out harming it.
  4. Thanks!! I think my OCD tendencies are showing!!
  5. For that amount of $$$ they should be aligned perfectly and the same length. Chloe isn't big on quality control. In fact, I have never had a bag with one of those "controlla cards" like Celine and Marc Jacobs.
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