Just Nicole & Brody: Nice Bag Though !!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Love that dress!
  3. is it dirty?
  4. pics confirm it. . . she's deteriorating to nothing - look at her bony knees! I have scrawny legs and mine look like tree trunks next to hers! LOL!
  5. Who's the guy?He's cute! Swankymamaofthree..what's that on your avatar?Is that a newborn puppy?!Cute!:tender:
  6. ^yes, isn't it THE CUTEST!?
    KathyD e-mailed me the CUTEST e-mail full of pics like this!
  7. Ooo..so its not yours?Too cute!!I have 3 newborn chihuahua..but their so tiny, Im affraid I'll break the neck if I put ribbon on their head.. :P
  8. It's none of my business, but she should really gain some weight. She would look so much better. And I am just in love:love: with the little newborn puppy!(and the hello kitty in the background, too!):tender: :girlsigh:
  9. not mine but it was TOO cute too pass up displaying!
  10. that guy is HAWT.
  11. Yeah, you can definitely tell she's wasting away. She definitely needs help. We all know she had no problems gaining weight before. Remember her in Simple Life 1? She has all the signs of anorexia...clavicles protruding, knobby knees, unhealthy complexion & dried, fried hair. Somebody get this girl some help!!! Funny how she has all this money but she can't manage to eat something!:throwup::amazed:
  12. look at her hair!

    that is some straw.
  13. i think it's an ink stain.
    and yeah, dude is hot.
  14. That's Brody Jenner from that Princes of Malibu show. He's alright to look at but if anyone has seen that show you know he's... let's just say not the brightest one around. Didn't he just break up with Kristin from Laguna Beach??
  15. yea nice bag and guy shame about nicole,she looked fine before all the weight loss.She must be sick of hearing everyone tell her to eat
    :wtf:GO AND EAT