just needed to offload somewhere - I just had enough...

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  1. of being pregnant at the moment. as much as I love it, right now I feel that I just want the whole story to be over. this time I have caught every possible stomach, flu or cold bug and I am just tired of not being able to do anything about it....

    I am 33 weeks today so I know the end is near and I am sure I will start about wanting to feel this again when I am no longer pregnant but still, the heartburn is getting to me right now day and night...

    added to that I totally lost it yesterday with my toddler (22 months) and I absolutely despise myself for it today - it was unnecessary and he didn't even do anything bad - just didn't want me to cut his hair. i could cry all day about making him cry so much yesterday - in the end he just wanted to get away from me. sorry, this is a bit of self-therapy right now but I had nightmares about being a bad witch (no kidding) last night.... I still don't understand why I did that. I ran after him to hug him and he was alright then but so stupid to get to this point in the first place....

    thanks for letting me rant...
  2. Its okay! Tomorrow will be another day! All mommies have their bad days. I know about the bugs, I seem to catch everything too.. I took tyenol cold and musinex and rested alot. These were approved by the doctor. :smile:
  3. Rant on.... we are here to listen...
    It stinks going through it right now, but this too shall pass!
  4. you have been through a lot. It is hard to be pregnant and have a toddler, very trying ! Also they react to their environment so he probably knows things are a little sressed right now. The end is almost near and I know from being pregnant that feeling of wanting it to be so over and all it does is drag on. Your little one won't remember that you lost your patience and it is totally normal, soon everyone will be excited and overwhelemed by the new baby. Things get better eventually, I know they do !
  5. Hugs to you!! :hugs:

    I think almost everyone has her days at the end where she just wants it to be over with and to have the baby out already. Being pregnant, as amazing as it is, isn't necessarily enjoyable all the time. It's often uncomfortable and limiting and just plain difficult.

    And I totally know what you mean about feeling like a big meanie. That was one of my first pregnancy symptoms -- lashing out at people and thinking, "OMG. I am being a giant B****, yet I can't seem to help myself." And then I'd feel really guilty, and that would make me crabby AND depressed. To be honest, I'm still doing it a little bit, 5 weeks post-partum...hoping the hormones will die down soon.
  6. You're very close to the end, I envy you. I'm so close to beginning:upsidedown:. You're brave to have another one while your baby is still young at 22 mos, this is coming from someone who is scared to have even one so don't get discouraged... It will be fine, hugs!
  7. It gets really difficult at the end--I am just over 39 wks and just got sick so I feel overloaded too...I never appreciated what women go through--hang in there!
  8. thanks to all your well wishes. indeed today is another, and better, day. haven't been for a checkup for a while so I am excited to have an ultrasound done again!!!!

    Kitten - well, soon you are going into that period where you feel better, and the pregnancy isn't really restricting you yet. i hope you enjoy that! actually, I was very excited about this one too but I still ask myself (very deep inside) whether i haven't overdone it a bit, i mean to have another one so soon. but hey, we will work it out.
  9. Aww, it's ok dear. You're bound to have not so great days once in a while. Hugs, you're almost there. :smile:
  10. I enjoyed being pregnant but towards the end it was hard and I couldn't wait to deliver. Please don't beat yourself up for what you did with DS ... it probably was the pregnancy hormones ... We probably all have moments like that due to hormones or sleep deprivation.
  11. ^^ITA

    I am almost at the end of my pregnancy and it is really hard trying to be a good Mom to your other baby while you're carrying another baby. I do feel guilty at times when I become sorta the bad Mom to my DD. I try to control my temper because I TRY to remind myself that this is not the real me.. that my emotions are just exaggerated because I am pregnant- but of course there are days when you just can not control it.

    Anyway, try to enjoy your current pregnancy and also try to enjoy your other baby... it's not their fault that they are a little too much sometimes (I always have to remind myself that :shame:smile:.. because they're just being themselves.. just being kids.

    My 2nd pregnancy is not as easy as my 1st.. it's a struggle, but I am glad I am almost there.. I can not wait for my new baby to arrive.