Just needed a quick vent! (bad drivers)

  1. I hate people who do not shoulder check and just changes lanes!

    Right now we have a lot of construction on a main st. Because of the 2010 Olympics. So the lanes are a little smaller however, they are still very distinctively separated.

    I was just driving home and some lady just cranks her wheel and swerves in my lane! She was about an inch away from just totally taking out the whole upper right bumper because she just cranked it.

    If I was paying any less attention and I didn't slammed on my breaks as hard as I did, she would've totally demolished the front end of my car (and some of you may know that I just recently bought a brand new car).
    It just irritates me that some people can be SO absent minded while on the road! All the lady could do was look forward and laugh to her passenger while I laid on my horn.

  2. Some people are such morons on the road I swear! I am in pharma sales so I'm driving all day and I can't even tell you how many near misses I've had with horrible drivers. :cursing: Thank goodness you were paying attention!
  3. OMG is it Scary Driver Week or what?! Just the other day this guy in a ute who was sitting behind me at a roundabout completely drove off the road, onto the curb, overtook me off the road and then nearly wiped my car out whilst cutting back in front of me. AND he had the nerve to give ME the finger while I honked at him.:confused1:
  4. OMG Sorry that happened to you Sheishollywood!!

    AZ has its fair share of bad driver, too :sad:

  5. At least you don't live in South Florida. We truly have the worst, rudest, crappiest drivers. I believe were rated the #1 worst place in the US to drive in. Every day is a nightmare down here.

    The important thing is that we good drivers stay safe & alert.
  6. Oy. I had a big dose of that when I was in s. florida for almost a couple weeks last Feb!

    Here in the northwest we have a dangerous mix IMO: longtime locals plus lots of people relocating here from other parts of the country where driving style is much more aggressive.

    Oh and to the OP I'm glad you're OK...so annoying when people don't check their blind spot :cursing:.
  7. Yikes! I know exactly what you mean...there are so many bad drivers here too.