Just need to vent

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  1. I have a mj bag listed on ebay. It's been listed on and off for a while and appears to be one of those styles that is hard to move. So instead of relisting again for an auction I moved it to my store and upped the price a bit since I will be accepting offers. Well yesterday I get a really snotty email from another ebay member complaining that she has been watching the bag and that I have upped the price. Also saying that she has noticed and that others will have too. I was floored.........so we traded a couple of emails and she just got snottier...........turnes out she is a tPFer. Of course this was after I got an email from another ebay member complaining that I didn't accept their rediculouse offer for a pair of sunglasses............................must be a full moon:confused1:
  2. what's it to her if you've upped the price? it's your bag and your choice- if she was that bothered she would have bought it in the first place or emailed you an offer.
  3. I always up my price when I move to the store. I have to recoup the listing fees I lost when I had the item on auction (2 listings is about $7 or more) plus store items cost more in fees.
  4. Wow!! I'd like to think that being a tpfer would guarantee that folks are kind and considerate, but like the real world, it takes all kinds. :smile: Sorry that she was a meanie and rude. It's your bag and your business. Shake the haters off! lol

  5. Agreed. It is logical to up the price if you are going to except offers as well. Besides, I feel like this it is YOUR item you do with it whatever you want. Some people have some nerves!!
  6. I know it takes all kinds, but I was most shocked to learn that she is a tPher. I looked up her posts here on the tPHer site and she is just as rude sounding here..........
  7. Wow, it isn't any of her business what you do with your listing. If I use a BIN/BO I always raise my price. I think the only responce I would have given her to her email would have been "You are more than welcome to make an offer".
  8. Her choice to bid or not bid or give a decent offer. Not her business what your asking price is!
  9. let's make this thread where for us to vent

    today, i receive an email asking why the item havent arrives.
    she paid on 26th, i shipped either same day or on 27th w tracking number and im sure paypal send her the tracking too.
    today, receive an email at 10am asking why item havent received. i said and quoted from usps saying that it is arrived at her PO and she should receive it today.
    she then reply saying "I will look again when I get home that is strange though b/c mail don't run on Sundays ???"

    duh...i dont think any PO work on sunday unless it is express shipping. also, what's the tracking for if she doesnt track it.
    again, i quoted from usps and said that it arrived at her house.

    i feel annoyed, just need to vent
  10. how rude! i also assume that if someone is a TPFer then all will be sweet and rosey .... that isnt true! silly me! id just ignore her.
  11. Yep just ignore her, at some point she'll push it too far & nobody will want to deal with her anymore.
  12. i agree with the comment given by fellow tpf
  13. Is it a full moon or what????? I sold an item on 3/26 and the buyer paid later that day (I gave her a very reduced rate on shipping) via paypal. I transfered the $$ to my checking account and they cleared 3/27. I packaged the item the evening of 3/27 for shippment so that I could take it to the post on Friday 3/28, but instead I got the flu. I got an email late Friday from the buyer wanting to know when the item would ship and I said probably Monday since I have the flu but if I feel better I will ship Sat. Well you would have thought by the way she responded that I got the flu on purpose just to inconveniece her. Turns out I was still feeling crappy on Sat so I printed the postage on Sunday and dropped the package off at the post office closest to my work on Monday 3/31 morning at 10:30. Well this post office will not scan the packages as you drop them off like my local home post office does. So the tracking number didn't show until this morning and now it shows the date of 4/1 and this buyer is having a fit. I even called the post office to see what was happening and they said that everything left yesterday and it's just something with the computer (it other words they couldn't care less). Just got another email from her saying that she is very unhappy. Makes me regret selling her the item in the first place
  14. I always try and write my online posts/emails/responses as if I were talking to the person. The internet is so impersonal that some people have no problem being really curt/rude/offensive because - well they can!! Also the "tone" of a message is impossible to get from a message and so many misunderstandings can happen.

    Having said that some people are INCREDIBLY rude and entitled. I had one lady sending such short, curt, demanding messages, not a single "hi' or "thanks" or even a name!! Just constant demands and then when I didn't respond straight away she kept sending messages "are you there" "did you get my email" "I need an answer" (ummm yeah but I have a life and kids that need to be fed:lol:) Mind you I have also had people write me essays about what is going on in their life and why they can't send me payment until -insert crazy reason here- .:roflmfao:

    I just love the shipping stuff though. LOL on her not getting it on a Sunday. I had someone wonder where something was and why she hadn't received it yet on Presidents Day. I told her "It's at your PO, which is CLOSED today":rolleyes: