Just need to vent!!!

  1. Apparently, eBay removed one of my listings for cirumvention of eBay fees. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    The item I listed was a dvd set worth around $70 retail. I estimated the shipping cost to be around $10 for USPS Priority, including insurance + signature confirmation. I require these extra services, because it's eBay! Even though it isn't exactly a high ticket item, there's just too many weirdos on ebay to take any chances at all.

    The USPS postage calculator gave me a rough estimate of $8.95, just for postage alone. And of course, I need to get shipping supplies. I'm not making any extra money... I'm guessing someone reported my listing, because I have seen similar listings for bootleg copies of the dvd set I'm selling. I've seen other sellers charge $10 or even more for shipping and those listings stayed up, so I don't understand why my listing was removed... pisses me off to no end! I decided to list a few items because it was $0.20 listing day--- but ugh, I don't think I'm going to bother with ebay anymore after this. I just hope my other auctions don't get pulled!
  2. exactly what fees did they think you were circumventing?

    $10 is in NO WAY unreasonable for shipping! I have been tempted to report ppl in the past... one seller wanted $40.00 USD to ship a lousy pair of sweats to Canada... It costs about $8.00 + packing costs (ive bought many sweats of ebay!!) I should have reported her, there is no excuse to charge that. She said it was because she "doesn't like" shipping to Canada.... um duh then don't say in your auction that you DO ship here! ARGH!

    Sorry I added rant to rant...!
  3. I received an automated mail that pretty much says my shipping fees are excessive... and I don't think it is! I really think someone reported my listing, because I have another dvd set listed (not the same one), and charged the same shipping fee--no problems there, the listing is still up. I also did another search for similar items currently listed, and I see some sellers charging anywhere between $7-12 for priority mail. I'm just frustrated... maybe I'll try live chat tomorrow and see what they can do. I'm just too tired at the moment.

    Anyway, I do agree that $40 shipping for sweat pants is way unreasonable. Even if the seller were to ship via Global Express Mail (EMS), it would cost no more than $17-18. Global Priority is a lot less, but that option doesn't offer insurance or tracking. I would definitely report that person... that is rude of her to say that she doesn't like shipping to Canada, but offers to do so?! Oh ebay... what is it coming to? We can all just rant together. :p
  4. ^ I think you should try live chat. $10 p&h is not excessive. eBay is becoming a real pain.
  5. yeah a real pain in the ***
  6. Make sure you have an explanation in the bottom saying shipping cost include insurance, sign confirmation, handling fee and actual shipping cost...
  7. A lot of times with DVDs, videos and books, people assume you're going to ship Media Mail (insurance and DC still available), and it's next to nothing.

    Good luck with your other auctions.
  8. Also for insurance, you have to charge the exact amt the USPS charges, if you insure it USPS. IE - check the box for insurance required and ebay calculates it instead of putting it in with the postage.
  9. Maybe this will help you relax or laugh a bit:

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