Just need to vent...Beware: Ticked & hormonal pregnant woman!

  1. So...Bart and I are packing up are things and getting ready to head back home to Germany (we're in Brussels), and I get a call from my mom. We're just talking about how his sister's funeral was, etc and then all of a sudden she says something along the lines of "When you get home, don't freak out or get mad...There's a package here for you from Traudel (mom's aunt) and it might get under your skin a little bit." I'm not the type who likes "surprises" so I begged my mom to tell me.

    The nice package that I got is....2 CASES of HIPP organic baby formula. ...now, I'm not sure whether I should be offended, pissed off, or gracious that she even got us something.

    Here's a little bit of background with me and this aunt: I don't like her. ...at all. There are so many things that tick me off about her...She never shuts up...ARGH!!! I can't even write about it, it pisses me off so bad, lol. Sorry :sad: We just don't get along...

    I have repeatedly talked about how I plan to breastfeed etc and have no interest in formula feeding....and I have even said this to my mom's aunt so it's not like she didn't know.

    ...Now I don't know what to do with all of this formula and how I should feel about it...I wouldn't be able to return it and get the money back. Maybe I'll donate it to a women's shelter or an orphanage around the area where I live...URGHH!!!!@#@#@$@$

    Okay, I need to finish packing up my things and try to cool off a bit :x

    Just had to vent!
  2. I can understand why you'd be upset ... she doesn't seem like she's considering your feelings. I think your idea of donating the formula if you won't use it is really generous. You are definitely the better person.
  3. I'm sorry about your relative's passing. If she was Bart's sister, she must have been a younger woman.

    Keep the formula. You might need it. I exclusively breastfed, but one time I became very ill and the baby had to be fed formula.

    Also, there is also the very rare case that babies do not take to breastmilk well and alternative formulas are suggested by the experts.

    I'm not saying anything like that will happen (and it is a rare probability that such situations occur), but better to keep it, see if you need it, and if not then donate it.
  4. Definitely keep it, just in case. My first D BF for 2 yrs, my 2nd only 8 months...You never know if you will need it, and if you don't, donating it would be very nice...
  5. Yup.. whatever u do. Please don't throw those away..(should u decide) to donate them to the shelter, im sure it would make ur day :smile:
  6. Hi, Sorry about Barts sister. I also think you should keep the food especially when it is organic. You never do know when you won't be able to breastfeed. Both of my children wereseparated from me soon after birth, my son needed surgery for pyeloric Stenosis & my daughter had pneumonia (Thank God two healthy young adults now) but with the separation my milk never came fully & I had to mix the feeding. Hopefully you won't need it but if you don't then it would be great to donate to a worthy cause.
  7. I would definitely donate it to a shelter or an orphanage, both of those types of places are so short on supplies, if you don't think you're going to ever use it. You'll be their hero of the day for donating 2 entire cases.

    Not to defend your aunt, but a lot of older women don't understand the benefits of breastfeeding. During the 1970s and 1980s, when formula was the new thing, everyone was told it was just as good as breastmilk. It's only in recent years people have become extremely vocal about it not being. Heck, the only reason I know is because of the internet. If she hasn't had children in recent years or doesn't hang out on online forums where the bulk membership is women, she probably has no clue why formula would upset you so much.

    I'm sorry to hear about Bart's sister.
  8. The gesture might have been her trying to be nice even though she knew about your plans to BF. My mother and extended family was against breast feeding, they just didn't understand why I did it. I got so many negative comments, my mother did not do it with any of her children. So it was difficult to hear about it.
    You are the mother and have every right to do what you want. I would probably keep the formula just in case......it took some time for my son to start gaining weight so I had to do formula along with breast feeding for about a month....
  9. My condolences for your loss.

    I think the idea of donating the formula to a shelter or orphanage is a perfect solution!
  10. Donating the cases of formula would be a lovely sweet thing to do :yes:
  11. definately donate it to a shelter..sorry for your loss

    Thats how you turn a negative thing into a positive one!LOL!Shelters would love donations.
  12. Thank you everyone. We just got home (thank Goodness - 7hrs is entirely too long to be in a car) and during the ride home we've decided that we will donate the first case to the Women's shelter and the second to the Orphanage so that both of the organizations can benefit from something that I do not need at this time.

    In regards to having formula in the house: For right now - I would rather keep it out of the house, as to not have any temptations to "give up" when the BFing doesn't go smoothly. I would like to try as much as I can to breastfeed before even considering formula feeding. I have no problems with women who choose to FF their children, that is their choice and I respect them for that. I would just rather wait until the time comes when I really need it to have it in the house. :smile:

    The thing that really bugged me was that I didn't know the intentions of her giving this gift to us. Was she trying to tick me off? Does she just not listen/remember what I said about BFing? Know what I mean? I really do appreciate that she even bought us something, but I just wish that it would have been for something that we could really need right now.

    Yes, she was 25 and passed away after being involved in a car accident on the way home from her friend's house.
  13. So sorry about Bart's sister! Definitely donate them! So many little babies can benefit from your generosity! :heart:
  14. I just saw your post. Good decision!!:yes:
  15. Donating the formula would be great. Now I will take a walk on the wild side and say that maybe she did not intend to offend.....
    My wife had planned on breast feeding our son, we had considered a pump so I could help out at some of the 3am feedings. As it turned out our son came about 5 weeks early and was unable or unwilling to breast feed. We were able to get him to take a bottle (this is after working with lactation experts at the hospital). Never say never and please remember that as a parent you will find that flexability and patience goes a very long way.
    I hope everything goes well, and remember, to forgive is divine.