Just Need to Vent & Advise . . .

  1. OMG - I am so bummed and just need to vent and get some advise. I have been employed with the company I am presently working for, for about 3 years (I won't mention the company because its a very large corporation which I'm sure everyone has heard of). 4 months ago, I received another promotion, which I am excited about- except for this one thing- the vacation time policy. . . we are not allowed whatsoever to take any time off during the last week of the month & the 1st day of the new month. I was never aware of this policy before accepting the position- you know when you ask in your interview if there is anything else you should know about the department- nope never mentioned this policy. Its an accounting position, so apparently we are super busy during this time of the month- but in my eyes we are ALWAYS busy. Anyways- I'm bummed because one of my best friends invited me to go to Europe with her this summer. Greece, Italy and France. Unfortunately, this time falls right during month end! I knew I had a review coming up- so I thought perfect, I will wait to ask my boss during this review. During my review my boss raved about how excellent of an employee I am- what a great addition I am- how amazed she is at how quickly I can do my work, etc. She says, "do you have any questions" and I politely tell her my situation, how I would love to take advantage of this opportunity- is there ANY way I can have this time off (I have 3 weeks of vacation to use this year, if I don't use it, I lose it). I said I would work around the clock to get stuff done before I left, etc. She said "I'm not saying yes, and I'm not saying no, but let me think about it- I'm leaning towards no". 2 weeks goes by- still no answer. So I politely email her, and say "just wondering if there is an update, my friend is waiting to book her flight". She says, "what are the dates again?" Arg- didn't she understand how important this was to me, how could she forget? I email her the dates . . . and she says no. So I respond politely again by saying, "okay, I guess I'm just a little frustrated because I had no idea about this vacation policy before I accepted the position." I think she knew she made a mistake by not telling me, so she responds by saying, okay, I want to be able to work this out, lets look at the calendar. So we sit down together, and AGAIN asks me the dates- and again she says no. She is only willing to give me one week before month end. In coordinating with my friend- I would only be able to go to Greece for this week. My thoughts are that this is a lot of money for 1 week. A couple more things- in the past 3 years I have only taken 2 different weeks of vacation to take kids to camp! I'm young, have no kids, not married- and am so bummed I'm going to miss out on this. I have a good job in terms of pay and benefits, so don't just want to quit . . . The ironic thing is I'm the youngest in my department by 20 years at least. My boss told me a few weeks prior- do as much as you can while you are young and don't have a family "when I was your age, my paychecks went straight to Nordstrom" ... travel, etc. when you have kids all things change.

    Sorry for this being so long- but my question is:

    1. What would you do? Any advise?

    2. Has anyone been to Greece? Is a week worth it?

    3. If I decide not to go to Greece- what should I do with my time off? I don't really want to travel alone . . .any suggestions?

    Thanks for listening!
  2. Go for a week to Greece.Ive done long weekends to Europe a few times..Its FUN!
  3. What's to think about? Go to Greece and post pics when you get back!
  4. Is your friend able to switch dates so the two of you can take a long vacation? Maybe her job is more understanding with vacation. My one friend works for a major high end dept. store (20+ years) and they always try to screw her with vacation. They will post NO vacation for certain/weeks/months. She then schedules her vacations and sees that other people in her department that work there under 5 years are able to take vacations on these so called "NO" vacation dates.
    I think you boss is wrong in your situation. Nobody told you about this. Can you go to HR and talk? It seems like they can bend the rules for you since you are willing to do the work and you did not know about this policy.
    Good luck in what ever you do.
  5. Go to Greece. It's a week of vacation that you really need, by the looks of it. Go, broaden your horizons and come back recharged!
  6. Oh dear God, I think I might know you! J/K, but only sort of...everything you explain sounds like a branch of the company I work for...creepy...and I even think we may have the same boss!!!

    Seriously, though, you need to escalate this to her boss. There is no reason that because of something she left out you should have to suffer. This is a once in a lifetime chance...rules are made to be broken!
  7. I would definitely consider pushing to see if you maybe even take part of that week off, but if nothing works, then go for the week, or maybe go earlier so you can spend more time there.

    Going to Greece is a rare opportunity for most, so take advantage of the chance while you can!