Just need to VENT about my non payer


Apr 28, 2009
I sold a bag on Fri. I checked the sellers feedback to determine if I had a non payer. That is when I knew I was in trouble. She isn't on ebay much, but her feedback reads..
"NON PAYING BIDDER, POOR EBAY SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I knew I was in trouble then.

Next she emails me for more pictures, and I send them to her. She states she does not believe the item is authentic. I was very polite and sent her more pictures (even though I have already posted 12). I also direct her here so that she can get an authentication.

Well, I come to see if she has done that and it turns out she is a new TPFer (signed up already approx 25 posts). She uses TPF to have things AUthenticated AFTER she has won (I did a little reseearch). What I am even more mad about is that she wrote this on the "authenticate this" section......

"Hello guys! Please I need your help to authenticate this. After I won this Fendi bag and I was excited I found this website that sells replicas. The first link is the item to be authenticatedd: xxxxx(my listing)
And here is the website that sells replicas xxxxx

It looks like the bag on ebay was purchased from the website that sells replicas. Any thoughts? Please guys help! I'm suspecting fraud! "

So she acussed me of being a scammer on TPF (where I am a member)

Next more emails are exchanged. I am still nice to her. Then she asks for mutual cancellation. I told her NO--she is not going to get away with doing this to someone else again (I block people who have 2 UPI strikes so I know she has not been getting what she deserves).

She then says she will pay
4 emails later she says she is going to CANCEL her ebay account (which she has yet to do).

I can't help but check out her TPF posts and she keeps having things authenticated. I know she is NOT paying for mine, and I have to move past that, but I so wish I could STOP her from DOING THIS!!! UGH

I can't give her TPF name because it is against the rules, but this is her ebay name zebidi2007

I write this noing that she may see it and that is fine. I am not up for a public fight, but I have the emails to back me up and I JUST NEEDED TO VENT and stop her any way possible.


Dec 11, 2008
Another one for the list....boy this list is getting longer by the minute.

Sorry you are dealing with that, I had my own NPB 2wks ago ....I checked his history & all won auctions, contacted each seller to see who he had paid (just one out of 8 wins had gotten payment) we all filed and as of 2-3 days ago the loser is NARUd. :smile:


Aug 29, 2007
On the hunt.....
Hi Fashionmom, I blocked her too, ty for sharing her info here. I get my share of dead beats too, unfortunately it's part of who ebay now attracts.

Best that you didn't go through with the sale to this buyer. I hear you on why you want to not have her get away with this type of behavior, but sometimes the best we can do it post about it here, share their ebay ID, and be glad we didn't go through with a transaction with a person like that.


Lovin' Life!
Apr 21, 2006
Sorry you're dealing with this, OP, and thanks for sharing the warning. I've added her to my blocked bidder list, too.

Your situation is another unfortunate reinforcement that just because someone is a PFer doesn't mean they act with integrity or are on the up-and-up.


Apr 28, 2009
Here is another one she did it to this month (I don't want to share the date because I can't tell you who she is on here)

She writes....

"Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend so far !

I just won a xxxx bag on ebay and the seller said that she bought it from a xxxx store at the xxx mall in Honxxxx. I have to pay $306.00. Unfortunately, after I won the auction, I strated doubting the authenticity of the bag. i asked my roommate who is from xxxx if they sell fake bags in that department store, she said "Heck yeah! be careful!" Please authenticate this bag for me. I'd rather have them suspend my ebay account rather than spending months dealing with the refund process. I KNOW I should have paid more attention before bidding BUT what can I do? I was trying to avoid reading 300 pages for my Tuesday's class but I got myself into trouble on ebay. These are the pics that the seller posted. Thanks guys for your time to help me out!"


Feb 24, 2007
sorry to hear that you are dealing with a scam bag... and its shame to think that she is a TPF member... i wish that member like should be kick out of this forum .
Jan 15, 2010
Wow! I wish people wouldn't do things like this.

I have her blocked as well! Thanks for the heads up, nobody likes to deal with buyers like this!


Apr 28, 2009
Thanks guys. I forgot to add one more ironic thing in--She bids on all different kinds of bags which is fine (if she would pay LOL)--However she is now doing some authentications for some people in a subforum. YIKES. I wish I could warn those people that she doesn't have enough experience IMHO. Her posts are...

"I already won this, but can you authenticate?" (I can see doing maybe, but then please pay)
Can you authenticate brand xyz for me
and then
2 days later authenticating on brand xyz--scary

I think she likes to be on the computer, likes the thrill of ebay, likes to hear herself talk, but can't own up tom commitmenst SIGH