Just need to vent a little...

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  1. A good friend of mine bought his now ex-girlfriend a mono Artsy last year. Unfortunately for him, she cheated on him, & she gave him back most of the LV he bought her. Fortunately for me, he gave me the Artsy.

    Well, despite the fact the bag is filthy, stained, & just gross, it's TOTALLY peeling everywhere, just like my Delightful was that was replaced w/ no questions asked b/c of the canvas issues.

    I had text my SA pictures, but unfortunately, they won't replace it w/o proof of purchase, & my friend doesn't care enough to look it up on his statements b/c he knows he doesn't have the receipt anymore.

    The Artsy is under her name's purchase history (he told me), so I'm basically out of luck, even though he paid for it with a credit card, but since they don't keep credit cards on file, there's no way that can be used as proof.

    I thought I won the lotto LOL

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. A free Artsy? Gee, sounds like such a "horrible" problem to have LOL :P

    I say just wear the bag and clean what you can. Live and let live, just enjoy it, and treasure it as that was still a very sweet gesture on your friend's part albeit the rough circumstances
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  3. Just sell the bag and use the money toward a new Louis Vuitton item. Then you will have a receipt in your name and LV will take care of you! And the item will be truly yours!

    I think it's absolutely normal that they wouldn't give you a free bag if you can't prove you are the original owner.

    Why would you keep this bag anyway? It sounds like you hated that girl... why carry her old filthy bag?
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  4. I agree with fabuleux. Sell the bag and chose a new one you can cherish. Either a new Artsy or maybe even a different design you might like even more.

    Also, the new bag won't be a reminder/leftover of your friends ex-girlfriend. I'd say that is another plus.
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  5. Seriously, if I worked at LV and a one year old bag was brought in "filthy, stained & gross" I'd question whether or not the peeling was due to a defect or because of such bad care of the item. Sounds like the ex beat the bag up pretty good and I wouldn't be surprised at peeling, cracking, etc....

    If I were you I'd just clean the bag up as best as I could and enjoy it.
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  6. Sell it! I have to say it's shameful that she didn't take care of the bag. The Artsy is gorgeous.
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  7. I agree with Fabuleux, sell it and use the proceeds towards something that will truly be yours and is a better fit for your lifestyle. That poor Artsy is just a physical reflection of the woman's selfishness and lack of respect.
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  8. If by selling it funding new bag
    Wont offend your friendship
    I say go ahead
  9. I wouldn't want the bad karma that may come with that bag.......I'd get rid of it too.
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  10. I also agree with Fabuleux.

    I would discuss it with your friend first if you decide to sell it just to avoid any offence or other issues. If the bag was in reasonable condition I would keep it but considering all the circumstances I think I would want to sell it.
  11. I agree. Sell it - put the money toward a new bag. I've seen some downright disgusting bags sell on Poshmark for WAY more than they should be legally allowed to be sold for. :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for all of your feedback!! I am not a patient person; I can't clean a bag. I just can't. Mine are in pristine condition so I won't have to clean them ; )

    I didn't hate her : ) I barely knew her; it's just the bag is so nasty.

    I thought the same thing, too, but the canvas is rubbery like my Delightful was, & the peeling is identical, so I would assume they knew it was the canvas issue :smile:
  13. Personally, I'd sell it. I wouldn't want to carry a bag that my boyfriend originally bought for someone else. :sick:
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  14. I think selling would be best for both you and your boyfriend. No need a reminder of the bad past
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