just need to vent a bit....

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  1. hey all!

    so, I've belonged to tpf for years and I love it here. people are friendly and offer great advice and opinions and I've learned more about bags than I ever thought possible..as a result, I've become a pretty discerning shopper...

    one of the downsides (but not really!) is that my taste in bags has expanded and I've purchased some pretty high end bags (for me, top price 1300)...I've HAD TO HAVE quite a few "it" bags which always ended up getting sold on ebay because I realized that getting them was 1/2 the fun and they ended up not being practical for my lifestyle...

    which brings me to the "it bag" question. I LOVE drawstring bags and have for years...have owned many and continue to search for the perfect one...thought I found it in the Mansur gavriel line....however, this has become the new "IT" bag and has sold out EVERYWHERE! I received a lovely email from Mansur gavriel today telling me that even the wait lists are full.....

    so my question is this: how did this become the new "IT" bag? I think (at least from my perspective) that I tend to get all caught up in the excitement and then HAVE TO HAVE it. why do we have "IT" bags at all? it seems that as soon as a celebrity carries a bag in many instances it becomes the new "IT" bag and I have bought into it completely! So, knowing that there are none anywhere in the world to be had, it's kind of making me re-think the whole "IT" bag thing. Additionally fueling that is that I went on ebay and some people are selling the Mansur gavriel 495.00 bucket bag for close to 1K. I mean, c'mon!

    so, I did find another bag for myself; a drawstring, that I love. i'll have to save for it and that's okay. it's definitely not an "IT" bag, but, it's gorgeous and I love it and hopefully it will still be around when I can afford it....

    was wondering how y'all felt about the "IT" bag thing?

    thanks for letting me vent!!
  2. Look on the bright side of the "IT" bag conundrum. The more the demand, the more bags will be available. And, once the vogue is over, these selfsame bags will no longer be on trend, and you may be able to find your bag at a reduced price. Be patient, and good luck!
  3. thanks fimpage! good perspective!
  4. I try not to buy into the "It bag" frenzy anymore, although I did when I was in my twenties. Celebrities get bags for free so that they will be photographed with them. Seeing a celebrity with a purse is nothing more than seeing a model with that same purse in a paid ad. It's marketing.:cool:

    There are plenty of awesome bucket bags out there. I am glad you found one to save for. :smile:
  5. I have to admit - I totally got wrapped up in the hype today and bought one of ebay. I am on so many waitlists AND was even contemplating purchasing one out of the country! Today, I was over the craziness and just bought it at the hiked up price and now I am kicking myself!!! Hopefully its worth it.

  6. I feel your pain!!!!
  7. Been there, done that.. and hopefully I'll learn.
  8. I used to fall for the "It bag" hype, only to have similar conclusions as the OP (lifestyle mismatch, bag was too heavy). Now I limit myself to 2-3 bags a year (whether brand new or previously loved), and strictly adhere to 1 in- 1 out rule. It's always a challenge for my bagaholic self, but I know I don't want to go back to old habits. I want to use purses, not collect them.
  9. I've only fallen for the Marc Jacobs Stam.... no regrets, other than they can get extremely heavy with the chain. I have 3 Stams, probably should have stopped at 2, that's about it. I am careful with my budget so if I feel the love of a bag strongly after numerous considerations and can afford it, then I'm willing to buy it, possibly in more than one color, or a duplicate of the same color. But I've only fallen for the MJ Stam... thank goodness!
  10. I've fallen for the Pashli but I am no where near the funding for it but I think since it's pretty popular it will be out for a while so I'm not to worried about having to buy it now and then never finding it again.
    I don't buy the bag until I've seen it for myself in person since I have to see if it fits my frame, isn't to heavy, and can actually fit my stuff.
  11. First i'll say i love drawstring bags too. Before this post i've no idea of the "it" bag mansur gavriel fever. From a drawstring lover that is not (or has not) fallen under the fever i'll think maybe the supply is purposely controlled to heighten the hype? These bags are cute and the color lining is a nice touch. For 1k er i know i can get other bags that has better resale value base on historical records. OP kudos for holding out and being strong!
  12. This is pure marketing. The wait list is part of it. As someone pointed out, celebrities don't pay for the bags they are carrying in the pictures and personally I rarely see any of those "it bags" in my 80,000 inhabitants city....
    On the other hand, designers have perfectly understood that accessories are more affordable (if I may say so) than their haute couture clothes.....
    Buying a Bal City for example makes us part of the happy few..or so we think as we cannot afford to buy one of Balenciaga cocktail dresses.....
    It's the same with.....nail polish.
    Chanel is a best seller here....
    I think that once we understand the whole process, we resist better.....;)
    Hence the craziness.....the demand and the wait list.
  13. I have never heard of this designer. His bucket bag (LV noe) and his tote (LV neverfull.) are both copies of Louis Vuitton bags IMHO.

    Why don't you look for a vintage LV bucket bag on ebay, and use tPF authentication services? Better made (I suspect looking at the price point of this designer- although I admit I'm making an assumption that could be way off!) and the real deal. Th LV one comes in epi so no large logos, if that would put you off.

    Just a suggestion, feel free to ignore OP. Good luck with what you decide to do.
  14. it's great to get all the feedback!
    I've decided to hold out and save, save, save for the classic and gorgeous drawstring that I've been wanting for a while...I agree with the "wait list" thing making it so much more appealing to the masses..it is SUCH a marketing thing...the bag I want is perfect for me, except that it is about 1K which I will need to save for...and then, perhaps, appreciate the bag that much more!!!
    I remember how this was when the prada nylon x-body bag came out and there were wait lists for that as well...and now the coach borough which is a GORGEOUS bag, but, when I got it home (the several times I bought/returned/re-bought in different colors) it just didn't work for me...so, I'm trying to get over the "hype" and keep my eye on the bag I really, truly want!!!
  15. Good call!
    When a bag becomes "IT", prices goes up and quality goes down.
    The brand tries to churn out as many as they can and seriously, the attention to detail and quality control slips and you dont really get what you pay for.