Just need to rant!

  1. My weekend sucked! My AC stopped working again in my car! I fell down the stairs at home and in the process my cell phone broke into a dozen pieces (not to mention the giant bruise on my bottom)! And this morning I woke up all sick! Ugh!

    Is it just me or does it always seem like when it rains it pours!
  2. I agree with you 100%. It rained all weekend in my town too......
    Found out that I didn't get a promotion Friday evening:crybaby:.
    The biggest zit popped out on my face(and I'm 31).
    Started my period with bad cramps.
    No sex for 7 days, hehehe!!!!
  3. Oh, I'm sorry! Just know everythiong will turn out better! :smile:. Big hugs to you, I hope you feel much better! Take care!
  4. If you stop expecting bad things to happen, they won't. Imagine how a situation can turn out in your favour. Stay positive. Peace. Love, Ghandi. :heart: