Just need to rant about a bad Starbucks experience...

  1. Hey all, went to go see Jumper yesterday and it wasn't AS bad as everyone made it out to be but it didn't have a real plot either..

    So I stopped by Starbucks after to get my usual frappuccino. About 10 minutes go by after I ordered and I figured maybe the baristas were just busy. Another 5 minutes go by, and even everyone that paid AFTER me got their coffees. So I ask the barista if maybe he forgot my order, he says, "no I'm making it right now". I keep waiting patiently and another 5 minutes go by and the people who just paid even got their drinks. Now I'm really upset because I had to get home so I wouldn't be late for an appointment and I was clearly before everyone else so I ask him, "You said you were making this 5 minutes ago, why is it still not done? Everyone else after me has even gotten their coffee, what's going on??" He ROLLS HIS EYES at me, gives this exaggerated sigh, then proceeds to start making my frapp, which is ridiculous because I thought he was already making it??? When he's done a mere 2 MINUTES later [how hard would it have been for him to just make my drink before the others...] he shoves the drink across the table at me and there's coffee DRIPPING down the sides of the cup. Also, it's very poorly made, it's near liquid form and not even frapp consistency anymore. At that point, I was ready to talk to the manager or something but I had to leave to make my appointment on time.

    Was I out of line for asking him to hurry up? I honestly don't think I was considering that I waited almost 25 minutes for a COFFEE and he served me after everyone else...even people who paid later. Plus his bad attitude. Ugh, it just made me really upset yesterday.

    Sorry for how long that was, I just needed to rant. Anyone else have an experience like this at a Starbucks or similar venue? Needless to say, I won't be giving that store any more business... :cursing:
  2. The starbucks my me always give me my drinks overfilled and half the time it's not even the right thing. I understand they're busy and it gets a little hectic in there at times... but is that the kind of service they would want???
  3. I think you should have complained to a manager.
  4. I am a starbucks manager an your expirience was unacceptable. You should've talked to someone about your disastisfaction. If the store was busy, drinks often get made in the order that is most convinient for the barista. IE, if they have some fresh hot mile and someone order a Chai, (hot milk syrup and water takes like 30 secs to make) they make make that drink first in order to knock it out. I doubt they were trying to snub you but having workerd starbucks I know it can become very stressful when things get, messy or busy. And frappucinnos are a PITA. Sorry but they are. Even though they are kinda tastey. LOL

    Sorry about your bad expirience but at my store at least, 90/100 times if you simply ask, would you wipe the excess of my cup or would you remake this its a bit ruuny, They WILL! It called our just say yes policy. Hope your exprirnce is better next time.
  5. I DEFINITELY would have talked to the manager had I not been in a rush. I planned to have about an hour to go home, get ready, and make my appointment on time, but this experience left me only 30 minutes to get home, grab my stuff, then go to my appt.

    I know that you guys are busy, which is why I didn't say anything after the 1st 10 minutes and was patient, but 20 minutes is just unacceptable for a simple COFFEE of all things. I didn't even ask for it to be specialized... simple Tall Java Chip Frapp. Still love Starbucks, but hope this doesn't happen again.. in all my 4 years of buying from there this is the first time so I let it go.
  6. I'll have to reference the "just say yes" policy if/when something like this happens!

    I agree that this is unacceptable service. While I know there are times when it's hectic and that people do get frazzled or have bad days, I have very low tolerance for attutide from a service provider. I always try to ask nicely, it's not like I'm in there yelling up a storm or acting like a complete b****, so I think rude behavior/comments like that are uncalled for.
  7. I kinda understand making the drinks in the most convenient order, but making someone wait 20 minutes when everyone behind them has gotten their order is ridiculous, no matter how much of a pain in the ass it is to make. It's just common courtsey.

    This reminds me of the time about 5 months ago when a friend asked for Splenda in her coffee at Starbucks, and the barista told her that it caused cancer and not to blame her if she died from it. Starbucks corporate got an earful for that, and my friend got a lot of free coffee. We haven't seen that barista since.
  8. Experiences like this only reinforce my desire to avoid, at all costs, buying a $5 drink from Starbucks. Crazy.
  9. Not sure if anyone knows this but apparently Starbucks is closing at some point for a few hours so the whole company can be retrained....due to excessive complaints about quality control...I will try and find the article.
  10. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    OMG, that was so out of line!

    Thanks for the article, Selena!
  11. Thank goodness employees are getting re-trained. I am only tolerating Starbucks because the other local coffee shop near campus shut down (but there will be a new one, shortly). I can expect about 1 out of 5 visits my drink will always come out wrong (after waiting 15 minutes), and then I wonder why I even bother patronizing the whole business!

    And, this might not bug you guys, but I absolutely HATE how they have call my name when I buy a drink! I don't want anyone to know my name, and because I have a very unusual one, I have to make up a name, anyway, because I know NO one will know how to spell it correctly or say it right! I know it's just a marketing ploy to make you feel "at home", but I prefer a number.
  12. I would write to the manager with a formal complaint because that is completely unacceptable.
  13. Ya, I recently had a bad experience with them that made me write to their customer service right away. I think I said something like, I'm OK with mistakes but not the attitude. I asked that they revisit their customer service skills.

    PS- This was their response:


    I was very sorry to hear about your recent experience at the 145th & 15th Starbucks store. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention. I will share your comments with the management team responsible for the store in order to address the issue properly.

    In order to invite you back into our stores, I have arranged for some beverage coupons to be sent to you. You should receive them soon.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at http://www.starbucks.com/customer/ or call 1-800-235-2883 to speak directly with a Customer Relations representative.


    Logan M.

    Customer Relations Representative

    Starbucks Coffee Company
  14. Email Starbucks and tell them what happen, if it was me I would have asked for my $$ back and left after 10 min.

    I have emailed them about a gift set that I picked up at Christmas time, I just wanted to let them know the cookies in the set tasted off, just not right. They sent me coupons, I didn't want anything from them. They do have good customer service.