Just need to be sure before I do it.

  1. I just wanted to ask the experts in case I make a mistake. Meltonian shoe cream is ok to use on box leather, correct? I found the shoe cream in a glass jar with metallic blue lid in Neutral and also found one called "delicate" cream which is a little less opaque. WHich one should I use on my box Kelly? Thanks!
  2. I use the shoe polish. Apply with a soft cloth and use a very small amount. Using too much will cause the wax to rise to the surface. I use it on my small accessories and vintage items.
  3. To the best of my knowledge it is Meltonian (Neutral)

    Also, I have used Mustela Baby Cream on box
  4. okay, thanks.:flowers:
  5. What about for togo,clemence or Courchevel? Any conditioner or cream recommendations?
  6. Don't know if these are recommended but I've used Cadillac cream on my vintage togo and box and it leaves the leather looking nice, clean and moisturized. I avoid having the cream touch the stiching.
  7. Has anyone used the Meltonian cream on a chevre bag?
  8. OMG you are a brave lot :smile: I'm a klutz and can never do these DIY things myself...I'll ruin the bag for sure. Thank God I have a resident craftsman and I leave everything to him. I don't know what I would do if I'm in some remote part of the world with no H store nearby or a craftsman nearby...I'll go nuts.
  9. I have a vintage box in rouge H..so is there a diff. in the cream and the shoe polish, and also where do you get Meltonian cream? Do you use the Neutral on any color? TIA!!!