just need some thoughts beside my own

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  1. well - Here I go again. A while back I posted a poll about which of my paddy's to keep. You all were very helpful and I appreciate the advice. But, I am still kind of torn. I now have a khaki that has the BEST leather and pebbling I have seen. It is amazingly soft, smooshy and puddles to the floor like it was butter. The pebbling is perfect and it is so soft that you almost want to hold it next to you. (only people here could understand that) BUT I also have the muscade (or NUTMEG) color too. It is not as soft and the leather seems kind of thicker, but it has not been used at all yet, so it is probably kind of stiff from that. This color is also gorgeous. I wanted the perfect neutral and brown is my favorite color of all time. My dilema is that I think I should only keep one and the nutmeg is probably my first choice. However - and this is where I guess I need the advice - do you all think it is worth letting go of the khaki when it is such amazing leather, pebbling, all that stuff? One moment I am ready to part with it, just because I know I would regret parting with nutmeg more, but the next moment I think I might regret not having the khaki - afterall it is a discontinued color and kind of hard to come by. I know it doesn't seem like that much of a sought after color, but the khaki does go with EVERYTHING, and in some light it looks brownish, other times blackish, but hardly ever looks really green. I guess I just need some fresh thoughts on this. I really don't think I should keep both.....and I know how awful sellers remorse can be but..... help me please!:wondering
  2. I so understand where u are coming from... I think u can keep both because the colors are so different from each other... only get rid of khaki because you're not going to wear it.
  3. ^^^ Agree with D&G! They are different enough, and you are in love with both.
  4. keep both and enjoy them.
  5. Agreed! Keep them both :P

    BUT! If that's not possible, it sounds to me like you love kaki more. So keep that.
  6. if you can keep them both i agree the colors are different enough that you can definitely justify it! (and we'll all help if you need convincing...)!
  7. Can you get ahold of a different nutmeg bag? I have a nutmeg hobo and ALL of the nutmegs I've seen IRL have had the BEST LEATHER I've ever encountered - incredibly thick and SOFT and pebbled! So I don't think you have to tolerate the nutmeg you have - there's a better one out there. You might try to find it before you settle for either bag!
  8. Ditto with D&G. They are definitely different enough to justify keeping both! ;)
  9. Sounds like such a horrible decision!! If you can find a way to keep both I think you should. If you don't mind me asking, why do you need to part with one?
  10. Hope you got my message Jadoret.....I need to part with one mostly because I shouldn't / can't / afford to have two Chloe's. I have managed to make it work, but feel very guilty about it. Nothing or no one has gone without (I have no children, it is just me) but I really do feel guilty about having two of these bags. That, and secretly, and I really hope that I am not offending anyone here, (if I do this will be my second blunder of the day!....) I am kind of lusting after a Balenciaga Day/Hobo. whew there I said it. I hope you are all still reading this thread.... Anyway - for some reason it is more logical to me to have one of each (if I actually go thru with it) than having two Chloe's, plus the Day is quite a bit less money than the paddy. More thoughts?
  11. I don't think you are offending anyone by wanting a bbag! I love bbags myself and own them! I love both bbags and Chloe--their styles are so different....! what color bbag are u hoping for?

    But I understand that it must be tough to part w/ one of the chloes--seems like u really do like both!
  12. If you like pebbly leather but want a brown bag, could you find a 05 Choco paddy?
  13. I would keep the Khaki since the leather is so amazing and find a bbag Day in the perfect shade of smooshy bbag leather :smile:
  14. This is why I am so glad for this forum! I have myself so confused I am not thinking straight! That might be a great idea. I have heard there are a couple of really nice brown shades in Balenciaga coming out for spring. A cafe and a limestone....
    hmmmmmm I will have to ponder this somemore!