Just need a listening ear...

  1. Well well, some of the girls over the Louis Vuitton section might know that I've sold a dentelle speedy out to the middle east during May and late August the buyer called up the police and said I scammed her and demand me to pay her back in cash. As I didnt have the receipt already and there wasnt tracking for the bag, I lost the case. I REFUSED to pay back in cash. I would rather buy back the same bag for her. And so, I did. I felt so upset that my bag is lost during the shipping ( I really hope this is the case and am trying VERY VERY hard not to think that the buyer is scamming me... ) and I've to fork USD1500 to get the new bag. My husband obviously isnt pleased but he didnt scold me. The money was meant to be a part of payment for a miroir lockit that I reserved with a fellow tpfer. I felt bad about this as I couldnt get it anymore. I thought things will get better for me this month... but no..

    It's not me this time, but my husband. :sad:
    He was selling his virtual online gaming items and those items was sold for USD1545. Payment was through paypal. He make sure that the payment is completed before he passed the items to the buyer. The buyer sounded very sincere during the transaction as he even bargain and offered to make payment first as he said there's a lot of scammers out there and so, he will pay us first and etc...

    On the second day, the amount is still in the paypal account. On the third day when I logged in to withdraw the money, the money was gone! Paypal notified us that the owner of the account said it was an unauthorised payment.
    I provided paypal with all the information and I dont know how this is going to end up. The supposedly owner of the account did email me and asked me why did I steal from him. I replied to him and let him know that he make a payment to my husband for the virtual items. He replied and said that both of us have been scammed and suggested that we have a third parties conference with paypal. I emailed him back and told him to call the police and make a report and suggested a lot of stuffs. He didnt reply me for days already and somehow this makes me wonder if what he said was the truth. He dont seems like someone who's worry for his money. I mean USD1545 isnt a small amount and I would check on it everyday. In my paypal disrupt, its indicated that they are still waiting for the buyer's response.. He hasnt provide them with anything!

    I'm SOOOOO VEXED at the moment. I seriously hate all scammers..

    Just need a listening ear to let go of my :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. Oh, I am so sorry! What a pain. I hope it gets sorted out soon.
  3. How could you not have a receipt or get a new receipt from the store??? Don't they have your transaction on file???? I really don't understand the no tracking for the bag, wouldn't you send it insured with some type of tracking?

    I still don't understand why people continue to use eBay and get ripped off over and over? eBay owns paypal and they are not worried about anything. I wish you the best but from the post people say about eBay asking them for help seems like a joke. If the buyers email prove he is the same person who has the account and you shipped to the confirmed address of the ebay account I would think you have to win, but if you shipped to another address one would say the account is not his...
    Good luck. I would quit Ebay if I was you.
  4. buyers are not covered under paypal's rules for virtual items - only for hard goods. I was scammed once in purchasing a service (access to a website for wholesalers) and it even said money back guarantee. I filed a paypal case and was told that because it was virtual that I was not covered under buyer protection.
  5. I really feel for you and I'm sorry that happened. I hope everything works out for you. I stopped dealing with eBay as a seller because the problems aren't worth it.
  6. I try to stay as far away from eBay as possible as a seller....lately, I've only been buying from reputable sellers. The place is getting bad!!!!
  7. What a nightmare! Good luck!
  8. Sorry for horrible things...

    Just wonder, rgd your Dentelle, how you know that she's called police? Usually that's just a threatened by buyer and police won't take serious act against you.
  9. I'm sorry but I just remembered that you offered me via pm last week to buy your dentelle kirsten due to urgent situation, just wonder if it's the same bag or you've 2? Did you say that you prefer to give her one new bag instead give her cash? I'm so confuse...
  10. I think she means she would rather re-send the bag than give the other person cash. If it was a scam, that means the person just wanted money + free bag and that's why they are asking for cash. Now they have either 1 or 2 bags. Does that make sense?

  11. I do feel for you! I hope you and your husband sort it out. I had a similar problem but not with ebay. i was returning an item and didn't have it tracked. I found out that my postal cost receipt was enough to get my refund. It was lucky that i still had that.

    These things happen and you can just put it down to experience. I'm sure everyone here are human and have experience similar to yours. Don't kick yourself anymore about this.


  12. I love that tpf charm!! Where can i get one? Are you selling it?

  13. ummm, what?!:confused1:

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    You can be banned for this:lecture:
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  14. have a look here, its so sad :sad: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/well-my-little-poor-dentelle-173192.html
  15. :confused1: just what i was thinking