Just my two cents of curiousity about When this medium messenger was released?


Sep 16, 2010
As this is my first GG bag, I kind of so excited and would like to know some info(or as much as I can) about this bag. And I believe that you here all are "Pro"(even might be better than some GG sale rep!!)..

Then May I ask you all pls help me to know(if the info is availble) When this axactly model was introduced( ie, around what year..)? Or anyone if have any interresting info to share, pls feel free...

Sorry for the pic that I copied from GG's site(too excited to take a pict of my own)..tks GG! ( i believe, it's medium messenger bag: web exclusive..?!?! but how come i got it from Holt..Canada..?!?!

Super thanks and much appreciate in advance to all info/opinions...!!

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