Just moved across the country

  1. I just moved from Brooklyn to San Diego.. I'm still getting used to a lot of things (driving!?/new people/not knowing where anything is).

    I was wondering if anyone had tips on getting settled easier. So far I've found an apartment and job.. I'm living with some great roommates. I moved here because I already had a lot of friends in San Diego, so the transition would be easier. But I'm still having some trouble getting adjusted, as I'm sure most people do when they move somewhere with a completely different culture than what they are used to.

    I have to say, the weather here is amazing and I don't really miss the hot/muggy summers I've had for the last 7 years in NYC.

    Anyone have a similar experience/advice?
  2. i'm from oklahoma, and moved to southampton ny. want to talk about culture shock? lol 3 years later, and I have no advice for you. lol I just try to find comforting places, restaurants where i know the owner, shops where the clerks know my name and call me when things go on sale- grocers that carry certain foods that i like... other than that.. 3 years later i'm still homesick.
  3. Welcome to San Diego. Where in San Diego are you living?

    I used to have a place in NYC as well as here. I loved to go to NYC but hated the winters.
  4. I love San Diego! I went to college there. You will have so much fun. I moved after college to the east coast and found that joining activities helped me meet a lot of people. Also use your connections. If you have a friend who has a friend in SD call them up to meet up. I met alot of my now close friends through other friends passing along people's numbers.
  5. This is just a side note you should definitly sign yourself up for surfing lessons! They have some great beaches in SD. And for places to go out check out the gaslamp district, pacific beach, and old town. And for shopping carlsbad outlets is fantastic as are the outside malls there.
  6. Get yourself a Thomas guide! And then plan little day trips for yourself on weekends to explore different areas of SD Co. For example, why go to the mall closest to your house when you can go to La Jolla or Escondido? When I lived in SD I worked for a home health agency so I went literally all over--it really gave me a feel, and a deep love, for where I was living. San Diego is a great place to live--I envy you!
  7. That is a major change! Last year we moved from Chicago to se North Carolina and it's real culture shock for me too.

    I don't know what your employment situation is, but people usually make friends at work. Also, if you are a church member, there will be future friends there. My son always found volunteer opportunities when he moved as a single guy; he said he met really nice people doing that while doing some good for people.

    Best wishes! the suggestion about getting a guidebook and exploring a little at a time is a great idea too.