Just missed my dream bag on ebay!!

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  1. I tortured myself and looked at what sold last night on eBay and saw my noir small zippy:wtf: :sad: ...I missed it and it sold for $1050...
    I am so sad this morning....I want this bag so much...wahhhhhhhh!
  2. so sorry, next time use snipestation, they will bid for you at the last seconds. if i saw something i really liked, i placed it there and put the price i will pay for. so i will never missed a great stuff! worth a try. Im sure you will find a another one.
  3. Don't worry Mac... sometimes things happen for a reason. I recently missed out on a bag i really wanted but then BAM... i found another bag which really trumps the original bag i wanted.

    I'm sure you'll find another one :nuts:
  4. ^^^Yes~ everything happens for a reason and you will get this bag in no time! Hugs!:smile:
  5. ^^thanks for your morale support!! It does make me feel better! ;)
  6. Oh, that has happened to me too :sad: But IA, there might be somewhere even better deal / paddy waiting for you..!! I'll keep my eyes open for small noir zippys and let you know if I see one :rolleyes:
  7. Yes macp6, I bet one will come up that will make you completely forget about this one and you will be happier!:yes: We will all keep our eyes open for you and will hunt down a great bag!! :flowers:
  8. ^^thanks so much gals!! definitely let me know if you see that noir zippy!
    Hmwe, that grenat is a beauty!! I know someone is looking for the grenat but can't remember who! Hope they read this thread!! (PS i have the grenat hobo and the color is just beautiful!)
  9. Oh that's right!!

    You have that gorgeous grenat hobo Macp6 :heart:

    I hope some lovely PFer gets the one on eBay. It's really in nice condition, at least from the posted pics!
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