Just missed black cloudy bundle on Ann's Fabulous finds.

  1. I've been looking for my black leather dream bag. Well I saw it on Ann's Fabulous finds for 1650! I thought what an awesome deal. However, it was on hold already.:crybaby:Will I ever find the perfect black leather bag with out paying an arm and a leg? Does the cotton club come in black? Sorry I just had to share my almost awesome find.:sad:
  2. Sorry to hear that Gucci fan. I'm sure one day you will find it :smile:
  3. gucci fan, the cotton club did come in black! you should look around for one. maybe a good SA can help you find one.
  4. How annoying, eh? Would check with your SA, and just continue scouring the internet...
  5. all in due time! You'll find your perfect dream bag. Obviously it wasn't the cloudy bundle then! Keep looking and don't give up!
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! I know I'll eventually find my dream bag. I just hope I can afford it. lol.