Just Met Chef Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations!

  1. Anthony was in Seattle today for book signings and dinner. It was so great to meet him in person....especially after his show was on last night. I talked to him about the Korean episode and he said he hadn't even seen it yet! He filmed a Seattle/Portland No Reservations episode that will air later this season. He's hottttttttttt!
  2. Have you read his book about the restaurant biz? It is hilarious!!!
  3. I LOVE HIM. I'm going to see him give a talk on Friday, maybe even try to make both book signings he's doing. He is super nice and friendly in person, and we talked about music and he signed my book with things I can't repeat on this forum. He is SO damn fine. I am dying to know why he hasn't been wearing his wedding band......
  4. Good for you!
  5. Cool! Is he a pretty chill guy in person? He seems so frank on TV. How awesome for you- I wish I could meet him too!
  6. DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that's why there were so many more women at the book signing and dinner. Someone asked at the book signing if his wife Nancy travels with him and he got very pissed and said "next question"!!
  7. I wasn't sure if he and Nancy had split up. That's too bad. They've been married for such a long time. For some of the episodes of the first season of No Reservations, he was wearing the wedding band, but I could never find anything in the press about if they had split or not.
  8. Oooh!!! I absolutely love him!!! I never ate at Les Halles, but I wonder if his same style comes through in his cooking too! You're so lucky! I would have probably died. Some people go crazy over Brad Pitt, for me, it's Anthony Bourdain! He's my rock/movie-star!
  9. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to go into the restaurant biz. My son wants to, and I am now scared to death after reading this very candid book! Looking into the "under belly" of the restaurant world was fascinating, and I loved his no B.S. style of writing.
  10. I love him and his show...lucky you !!!
  11. The dinner he cooked for us last night was from the Les Halles cookbook. Can you say tons of butter and cream?? My photos were developed today and I must say that Tony and I make a charming couple!!
  12. The new book is called "The Nasty Bits" but he is famous for "Kitchen Confidential". The new book is very fun so get it.
  13. I actually like "A Cook's Tour" (the book) more than "Kitchen Confidential." I've bought multiple copies of those books to give as gifts. I can't wait to get the new book. I think I've read a lot of the articles, but it's nice to have them all bound nicely. His cookbook is fantastic, too.

    I'm so excited for Friday. I found out that my friend knows someone who does the sound for the auditorium where he's speaking. So I asked if I can go backstage. I'm not holding my breath...but who knows. Hopefully, he will be interested in the punk bars I know where they let you smoke.

    I'm mad at the Travel Channel for only releasing the "No Reservations" DVDs in sets of two episodes that cost a lot. I want all the episodes on DVD with extras, but it will cost me way too much to collect them all.
  14. I am so worried about Anthony! He is stranded in Beirut with his No Reservations TV crew.
  15. Yeah, it's pretty intense. In the Page 6 interview, it seemed he was just waiting to get out by drinking mojitos at the hotel bar. I can't wait to see the Lebanon episode when it airs. It's like everyone talks about the unrest, but no one actually talks about how life is over there and what the people are like, and I'm looking forward to seeing that in his show.