Just me venting thread: *sniff* sad from 24 hours of bad bbag karma

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  1. Sorry.. I just had to vent somewhere!! I've come THIS close to getting my all time dream "fun" colour city and my very lustworthy "staple with a twist" colour city in the last 24 hours.

    One - I had to let the opportunity pass due to the pricing, the other I was too late! DAMMIT!! Oops.. pardon my language. If only I had stayed at work an extra 30 minutes - then it might've been mine!!

    *sigh* You know the feeling when you're kinda deflated because it feels like someone hit you in the stomach or basically you're deflated because your bubble got burst? Sorta how I'm feeling now...

    Anyhow, I must try and stay positive and be patient - if I'm patient enough - the opportunities will come again right? :yes: Maybe this is just a cosmic sign that I should be saving my money and just getting a Chanel this December instead. :idea:

    Thanks for letting me vent!!
  2. OHHH JADECEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe,,, i know EXACTLY how you feel... no worries... it's tough.. but hey chances will come by!! we'll wait together ^_^~
  3. which ones were they jadecee??? your descriptions for them are so intriguing!!!
  4. awww.. thanks eping! The timing wasn't right for me - but it must've happened for a reason... hopefully the timing will be better and I'll be able to take advantage the next time these bags pop up!

    mas - I'm just a bbag newbie so I guess I don't have the collectors' dreams of owning a flat brass first yet or anything like that. Right now I'm mainly living vicariously through lots of PFers! I enjoy reading all the posts in the bal forum! It all started when I saw an 05 pewter first in the store last year which I resisted on a friday night and went back the next day but it was gone! So now I finally have a 05 pewter first on its way in the next week or so.

    But ever since I came to the balenciaga subforum did I realize the extent of all the beautiful colours bbags come in!!!

    My all-time dream fun colour is the 05 Turquoise and the "staple with a twist" would be an Ink City. I have to admit tho that it was seeing eping's photos of her gorgeous Ink City that started to make my heart lust after it!

    I'm sure how I feel now is a lot like how a lot of you felt for missing out on that Magenta (was it a city or a purse? can't remember at the moment) that had a BIN of $550 or soemthing like that! It's like - I must be attached to the internet at all times (which I basically am for majority of the day!). Figures that the few hours I'm not is when I miss out while the times when I'm watching like a hawk - nothing pops up! :hysteric: ok.. frustration let out, I'm alright again! :smile:
  5. Hi jadecee! First of all, congrats on your pewter first!! I'm looking forward to your pics! :nuts: :nuts:
    Don't worry about not being able to get the turquoise or ink now. Your time will come! I'm sure the opportunity will come up again for you to buy them. Luckily, they are from fairly recent seasons and I've seen them on ebay every so often. :yes: But I know what you mean about coming thisclose to getting a bag and then not getting it. It's always a painful feeling, and I've kicked myself for letting those opportunities go. :sad: :Push:
    On the plus side, there are so many nice colors for next spring. (In fact, I think I may have to restrain myself and try to get only the ones I really, really want!) :P
    And it seems that Balenciaga likes to repeat some colors (i.e. truffle), so hopefully they'll come out with similar ones close to turquoise and ink one day.
    Good luck, and I hope you get your dream bags!
  6. CONGRATS ON UR PEWTER FIRST! I have a pewter city and its the most gorgeous color ever =).

    and your time will come....you'll find your dream bag eventually!! =). good luck!!! :heart:
  7. Thanks for the encouraging comments! It definitely makes me feel better!
  8. oh, so sorry to hear that.
    but you just have to believe in your heart that a better bag will come to you :smile:
  9. Jadecee, I feel your pain. It's soooo hard to restrain myself from bidding on bags that are out of my price range. Sometimes I know it's a rare opportunity, and still I have to remind myself that I just don't have the funds. Just remember that when you do find a bag at a price you are comfortable paying, it will feel that much more satisfying. Good things come to those who wait :yes:
  10. :flowers: for you! I hope you feel a little better today and just know that a better Bbag will come along just for you.
  11. :flowers: flower for you today... hope u feel better :biggrin: